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The noted scholar Harold Holzer is preparing to auction off his life's collection of artifacts related to the 16th president. [Read More]
Juan David Ortiz, a federal Customs and Border Protection supervisor, was arrested on Saturday after a woman who said she had escaped helped the authorities... [Read More]
Mr. Manafort agreed to give up three Manhattan apartments, including one in Trump Tower, a brownstone townhouse in Brooklyn and a 10-bedroom home in the... [Read More]
Here's how to protect your devices and use your smartphone to your advantage during the storm. [Read More]
The author of "Speak," one of the first Y.A. novels to focus on sexual violence, said fiction gives teenagers a language to describe the trauma. [Read More]
The toppling of the statue of a Confederate soldier sparked a tense debate on campus and in the state capital about where the monument should... [Read More]
The Republican nominee for governor in Florida drew accusations from Democrats that he used a racist dog whistle in a reference to his opponent, Andrew... [Read More]
Tensions at the university have surged in the days since the Confederate statue was toppled by protesters. On Saturday, the anger boiled over in demonstrations... [Read More]
The charges were the first filed in the aftermath of the demonstration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where protesters demolished a... [Read More]
Two men assaulted a black man in a garage, and a Ku Klux Klan leader fired a gun at the white nationalist rally in August... [Read More]
Poland has often warned against the use of the misleading term for Nazi-run camps, and this year it passed a law banning the phrase. [Read More]
The 11-year-old was asked to leave her private school in Louisiana on Monday after she was told her hair extensions violated a new policy, the... [Read More]
The bloodstained gloves from the night of his assassination are also part of a collection that may be auctioned to erase a debt of more... [Read More]
The church's president favors the use of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints," the name he believes God communicated to Joseph Smith in... [Read More]
We took a look at the evidence for President Trump's claim, which appeared to refer to a period starting in the late 19th century. [Read More]
A bridge collapse in Italy that killed at least 20 people was the latest disaster to raise worries about aging or improperly built bridges, dams... [Read More]
The package landed on a New Jersey field with a note assuring that the device was not a bomb and wishing the president a "great... [Read More]
Record rainfall in the Mid-Atlantic region pushed trash and debris downstream and into Maryland waters. State officials say it's not their garbage. So whose is... [Read More]
A foster parent of a child found last week at a New Mexico compound told the authorities that adults there had trained the child to... [Read More]
While looking for a missing 4-year-old boy from Georgia, investigators raided a makeshift desert compound and found 16 malnourished adults and children. The 4-year-old is... [Read More]