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I've been remiss lately but, as usual, it's not my fault. It's my oldest's. [Read More]
A feeble attempt at a Massive Purge has begun, though the wheels of progress are turning slowly. [Read More]
With the kids semi-grown, summers have a different feel than they did before. [Read More]
Just to demonstrate what Eastsiders do for fun, I'll tell you the story of the lost dog. Though in all actuality, she wasn't really lost.... [Read More]
I have to apologize for dropping off the face of the earth these past few weeks, but there's just been too much going on, not... [Read More]
I'm a little late, but it's worth mentioning that a few weeks ago marked the 12-year anniversary of this column. [Read More]
After meeting Warren (Beatty, that is) we got the fever and set out one day on a full-out Celebrity Stalk. [Read More]
If we are even remotely acquainted, I have probably already told you this story. But just in case you're in my very narrow reader audience... [Read More]
This May my oldest is graduating college, so my girls and I wanted to take a trip for spring break. [Read More]
Especially among the younger generation, there is a new lingo out there that waters down conversation and can cloud issues, although in a warm and... [Read More]
Growing up, what our food looked like both on the plate at home and in the grocery stores was completely different. The cereal aisle is... [Read More]
Since today is Valentine's Day, it's a good time to discuss matters of the heart. [Read More]
I get some of my best material from my time with my girlfriends. [Read More]
Generally speaking, when those kids go off to college, they're on the finals steps of their journey toward independence. [Read More]
Typically, every year I'll write about the fall season TV programs and how excited I am that my favs are back on after the long... [Read More]
With just days left before Christmas, I found myself stepping away from the madness to drive up to The City to watch my daughter dance. [Read More]
Well, here we are just 12 days till Christmas. While my body is actually in December, my mind is still hung up somewhere back in... [Read More]
A few of you moms out there expressed empathy after my last column on Thanksgiving preparations, so I thought I'd offer up a few more... [Read More]
The Thanksgiving menu planning starts the same way every year. ME: What do y'all want to do for Thanksgiving? THEM: We want you to cook. [Read More]
Well, we made it through the Presidential Election, and so far the economy hasn't collapsed and there seems to be no indication of a mass... [Read More]