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Behold the new trailer for SMILF, the sweet lil' comedy in which creator/writer/director/star Frankie Shaw plays a twenty-something single mother who possesses a painfully funny... [Read More]
I don't know if it's because 2018 is the year of the Latinx glow-up or what, but Thursday night's Latin Grammys red carpet was better... [Read More]
As a general rule I tend to be an admirer of hypebeasts but mostly not one myself. But the hypebeastiest thing I have ever done,... [Read More]
Number one record-haver and daytime Hennessy drinker Travis Scott spoke Monday morning with Ellen DeGeneres about watching Kylie Jenner give birth to their baby, Stormi—and,... [Read More]
It's red carpet season again, friends, and today we are blessed with the distinction of the Emmys, honoring television that's way better than movies and... [Read More]
In recent years, the feminist slogan t-shirt has been more popular than it has in decades and is also a perfect symbol of the defanging... [Read More]
Tramps, the art gallery where Lizzi Bougatsos has until recently kept a day job as a gallerist, is of a downtown vintage that seems to... [Read More]
A truly artful scene in "Our Raison d'Etre," the premiere episode of the second season of The Deuce, shows Maggie Gyllenhaal, shot from above, lying... [Read More]
Everyone knows that the most important part of football is the dancing. Wanting a piece of the joy that large football men feel upon landing... [Read More]
Welcome to Styling, Jezebel's new video series in which we show how creative people communicate who they are through their personal style—how they embody their... [Read More]
As we approach the one-year anniversary of #MeToo, the New York Times reports that Education Secretary Betsy Devos wants to protect college campuses from complaints... [Read More]
Life in Puerto Rico for a refreshingly weird Latin trap star Bad Bunny, in this cover story from The FADER's Fall Fashion issue. [Read More]
La vida en Puerto Rico de una estrella de trap latino refrescantemente raro. — This is the Spanish language version of Bad Bunny's FADER cover story. [Read More]
A new report is drawing attention to fact that thousands of giraffe parts are imported into the U.S. for sale each year—which is extremely legal... [Read More]
What do we talk about when we talk about this Chris Kraus fighting that's all up in your timeline? Why are perfectly average feminists getting... [Read More]
Every year, in the swamp-assiest armpit of summer, the MTV Video Music Awards rollerblade into our lives, a string of musicians, reality stars, and "influencers"... [Read More]
In a beautiful encapsulation of New York City in 2018 and a deeply savvy if transparent attempt to get young people to buy their newspaper,... [Read More]
The texts would come at all hours of the night, numbering in the thousands. "Have you been with an older guy?" "You're really hot, so... [Read More]
Chloë Grace Moretz is currently promoting The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Desiree Akhavan's film about a teen sent to a gay conversion camp after she's... [Read More]
Omarosa allegedly recorded a bunch of stuff Donald Trump and other White House officials said and then "leveraged" those recordings "while shopping her forthcoming 'tell-all'... [Read More]