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They are just three little words — health savings accounts — but they are generating a lot of buzz as Republicans contemplate plans to repeal... [Read More]
Republicans hope to expand the use of health savings accounts to encourage consumers to be more judicious in using their coverage. How do the accounts... [Read More]
It's no secret that American children have gotten fatter in recent decades. [Read More]
It's unclear what will become of some of the rules and regulations advanced by the 2010 health law as Republicans in Congress work to dismantle... [Read More]
The outcome of the repeal-and-replace debate could affect more than you might think. [Read More]
Calorie count at restaurant. Breast-feed rooms. Right to choose OB/GYN. [Read More]
With the repeal of Obamacare many benefits will be removed like affordable emergency room costs and therapy for kids with autism. [Read More]
A new analysis of U.S. health insurance claims is worrisome, pediatricians say: More and more young people are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, high... [Read More]
Private rooms for pumping breast milk and expanded therapy coverage for children with autism are two of the less-publicized mandates of the Affordable Care Act.... [Read More]
Joint replacements. Cardiac care. Chemotherapy. [Read More]
The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation has explored payment changes that could cut health care costs and improve quality. But will the center survive... [Read More]
A new analysis finds that health plans sold on the federal exchanges require consumers to pay a third or more of the costs for specialty... [Read More]
Some major insurers will not pay commissions for plans sold on the Obamacare marketplaces, making open enrollment tougher for consumers. [Read More]
Men hoping to avoid some side effects of prostate cancer treatment are paying out tens of thousands of dollars for a procedure whose long-term effect... [Read More]
The start of flu season is still weeks—if not months—away. Yet marketing of the vaccine has become an almost year-round effort, beginning when the shots... [Read More]
Some experts say the marketing may be overtaking medical wisdom since it's unclear how long the immunity imparted by the vaccine lasts, particularly in older... [Read More]
The pharmacy chain pitches started in August: Come in and get your flu shot. [Read More]
Even as the cost of EpiPens dramatically rose, so too did the number of prescriptions written for patients in Medicare, sending spending by the program... [Read More]