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A Brazilian woman who was separated from her son after they entered the U.S. was released from custody, but faced formidable hurdles to get her... [Read More]
The decision was a blow for Kris Kobach, an ally of President Trump and a candidate for governor of Kansas, who has championed the voting... [Read More]
Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that Mr. Musk's company hopes to create a system of electric vehicles underground to carry people from downtown to the airport. [Read More]
Rural areas worry for future as populations age... [Read More]
Ten-year-old Lola Roske grabbed her backpack and headed to elementary school for the last day of class, the final check on her to-do list before... [Read More]
What happens to a rural town after it loses its only school? Arena, Wis., is about to find out. [Read More]
Gov. Greitens defiantly refused to leave for months as scandal unfolded around him. Then he quit. Here's what you need to know about the case. [Read More]
The shooting inside a high school in East Texas left 10 people dead. Most of the victims were students. [Read More]
Prosecutors dropped a charge against the governor, but state lawmakers moved forward with a special session that could lead to his impeachment. [Read More]
A felony charge against the Missouri governor was dropped, but he faces an unrelated charge, the threat of impeachment and ongoing calls to quit. [Read More]
Jury selection had already been underway for three days in the case against the Missouri governor. The abrupt decision left the governor's legal and political... [Read More]
Would-be jurors say they have heard about the case against Missouri's governor. Rejecting such jurors, the prosecution says, 'would exclude the entire state.'... [Read More]
The federal agent was working alongside members of the Chicago Police Department when he was shot in a neighborhood on the city's South Side. [Read More]
The Republicans pressing the Iowa legislation have a goal in their sights: reaching a Supreme Court that could shift in composition with a Republican in... [Read More]
If Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, signs the bill, it is sure to trigger a court fight. Supporters want to see it reach the Supreme... [Read More]
Officials took the Nashville shooting suspect's guns after a run-in at the White House last year. But his father gave the guns back. [Read More]
Prosecutors charged Governor Eric Greitens with tampering with computer data, a felony. He already faced an invasion of privacy charge. [Read More]
A federal judge said the Kansas secretary of state disobeyed her orders to notify thousands of residents that they were registered to vote. [Read More]
The state attorney general said Gov. Eric Greitens, who is facing an invasion-of-privacy charge, may also have committed a felony in obtaining a donor list. [Read More]
A look at how a governor's affair lead to political upheaval and a legal battle in Missouri. [Read More]