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Some researchers suggest metabolism might be to blame, but a new study suggests that's not the case... [Read More]
Scientists from the Southwest Research Institute suggest Pluto may be a comet, as opposed to a planet or dwarf planet. According to a study published... [Read More]
While anecdotal evidence of the phenomenon has existed for some time, this is the first scientific study to look at women's voices after pregnancy... [Read More]
'La Mesa Herida' was last seen in Poland in 1955... [Read More]
The excavation, which unearthed moa bones and stone tools, helps fill a gap for researchers... [Read More]
Georgia O'Keeffe's younger sister was also an artist, and this fall the Dallas Museum of Art is bringing her work into the spotlight... [Read More]
San Pedro Creek became a physical and metaphorical barrier between the city's white and Latino residents. This project is looking to change that... [Read More]
'History Refused to Die' shows off the masterful works made by self-taught artists from the American South... [Read More]
This may explain why the insects, who can't travel far on their own, spread across unconnected lands... [Read More]
'Mixed Messages: Making and Shaping Culinary Culture in Canada' features cookbooks, photos and artifacts from the 1820s to the 1960s... [Read More]
The update allows visitors to experience 360-degree views of the city from the observation deck... [Read More]
The pair will measure changes in Earth's gravitational field to monitor melting glaciers, rising seas, droughts and more... [Read More]
Once its cameras are calibrated, TESS will capture 400 times as much sky as this test image... [Read More]
The procedure is rare, but could potentially help many more patients who experience similar bodily damage... [Read More]
'Rick Bartow: Things You Know But Cannot Explain' arrives at the Autry Museum of the American West... [Read More]
It is the first state to implement a solar panel requirement... [Read More]
World Monuments Fund raised $1 million to help repair 15 structures at the World Heritage Site that were impacted by a 2017 earthquake... [Read More]
Parker was blacklisted by Hollywood just as she was reaching her peak as a screenwriter... [Read More]
After 250 years plagued with rats and mice, the island's birds will hopefully now have the chance to bounce back... [Read More]
The new show at LACMA features 125 works of art from more than 50 artists, some of whom couldn't make it to the opening because... [Read More]