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The governing party lost ground in several states, leaving many wondering if Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in danger of losing in national voting next... [Read More]
Read more about Fare thee well, Mastanamma: YouTube star for her Indian cooking dies at 107 on Business Standard. Mastanamma became the star of a... [Read More]
It was a short but well-lived career in the spotlight. Mastanamma got her big break at 105. [Read More]
Mastanamma got her big break at age 105. After she prepared an especially delicious eggplant curry, her great-grandson suggested that he film her cooking and... [Read More]
She presided over a spectacularly popular YouTube channel, cooking emu eggs and pizza. Fans loved her salt-of-the-earth sense of humor. [Read More]
A ruling against the practice, which was not available to women, has raised debate about how deeply government should reach into marital and religious issues. [Read More]
Gay activists in India celebrated the end of a ban on consensual gay sex, even as they prepared for the next battles in advancing gay... [Read More]
The ruling is a landmark victory for rights advocates, including dozens of gay petitioners who joined the case despite the threat of prosecution. [Read More]
The ruling is a landmark victory for rights advocates, including dozens of gay petitioners who joined the case despite the threat of prosecution. [Read More]
One of the world's oldest laws criminalizing consensual gay sex faces a test before India's top court. [Read More]
The state's governor told reporters that "the bridge deserved better maintenance" and that there had been previous complaints about the soundness of the structure. [Read More]
The Nepali government says that a wave of fraudulent claims and unneeded evacuations has cost insurance companies millions of dollars this year alone. [Read More]
Vernon Gonsalves, a rights activist, was preparing for his morning bath when the police banged on his front door. Officers rummaged through his home in... [Read More]
Security contractors from Nepal and India, with backgrounds as Gurkha soldiers, thought they were valued fixtures at the Canadian embassy. But after a June 2016... [Read More]
Badly hurt in a suicide attack, Nepali contractors hired to protect Canadian diplomats found they had much less medical coverage than they'd thought. [Read More]
A top temple administrator was recently fired after it was revealed that the key to the temple's vault, containing millions of dollars' worth of antiquities,... [Read More]
Two men accused of kidnapping Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla, who is still missing, were acquitted. Observers and rights advocates said the trial and investigation were a... [Read More]
A draft list released by officials excluded four million people living in a northeastern state, prompting concern that it paves the way for discrimination. [Read More]
When the police in Chennai, India, arrested 17 men accused of assaulting the girl, there was a wave of public fury. Then the narrative changed. [Read More]
While covering the looming decision by India's Supreme Court over whether to decriminalize gay sex, Kai Schultz struggled with his own place in the story. [Read More]