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When Gonzalo Perez bought the Castlewood Restaurant last December, it was one of the few outposts among the nearby corn and soybean fields hungry farmers... [Read More]
The $10 billion-dollar deal to bring a Taiwanese-based electronics manufacturer to Wisconsin is raising questions from critics despite the promise that the investment could provide... [Read More]
For most of his life, Hamidul Hassan says he has struggled to find an identity. As a Muslim Rohingya living in Myanmar, he... [Read More]
The crackdown by military forces on the ethnic Muslim Rohingya population in Myanmar has forced hundreds of thousands from their homes and across international borders... [Read More]
Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Muslim Rohingya have fled Myanmar for neighboring Bangladesh, pushed out of their homes in what the United Nations calls "textbook... [Read More]
As crisis continues to unfold, many Rohingya in US, particularly in Chicago - home to second-largest Rohingya community in nation - await word from friends... [Read More]
When Matt Skelly was coming up through the Boy Scouts of America in his youth, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout was the ultimate accomplishment.... [Read More]
The Boy Scouts of America announced it will begin accepting girls in 2018, marking a dramatic change in the organization and drawing criticism from the... [Read More]
More than 500,000 Muslim Rohingya have fled Myanmar in wake of brutal military crackdown that a top UN human rights official calls 'ethnic cleansing'... [Read More]
Climate and price are just a few of the many factors influencing a farmer's decision to grow and harvest the crop... [Read More]
While U.S. stock indexes continue to see record breaking gains and U.S. employment numbers are encouraging, American farmers continue to struggle with high costs for... [Read More]
Ken Beck characterizes his life as a farmer in the U.S. right now as a gamble. "Risky at best," he told VOA. "There... [Read More]
There is a saying that "lightning never strikes twice" in any location. The same could be said for a total solar eclipse over the United... [Read More]
On Monday, Aug. 21, for the first time in 99 years, a solar eclipse will march across the United States from west coast to east... [Read More]
The Pittsburgh program matches refugee and immigrant families with American mentors in the city... [Read More]
When he woke July 5 to news that more than 100 people had been shot in the city of Chicago over the long Independence Day... [Read More]
Many Americans in rural parts of the United States voted to elect Donald Trump as president in 2016, despite his stance against trade agreements. ... [Read More]
Jeffrey Fowle believes the North Koreans never intended to harm him, or the other Americans detained during his time there... [Read More]
As he works to get his crops planted, the weather keeps Illinois farmer Gerald Thompson in his fields during the day. Worrying about... [Read More]
Relationships built while in serving in Afghanistan inspires business strategy for Rumi Spice... [Read More]