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including here at NPR... [Read More]
So long, Dick Gregory, Fats Domino, Simeon Booker and many others you might not have heard of. Here's our Code Switch look back at some... [Read More]
"England's First Black Princess!" lots of media blared a variety of that this week, immediately after the official announcement of what several tabloids have been... [Read More]
" England's First Black Princess !" lots of media blared a variety of that this week, immediately after the official announcement of what several tabloids... [Read More]
Brilliant but socially awkward, criminal defense attorney Roman J. Israel (Denzel Washington) must re-enter the job market after his law firm goes under in the... [Read More]
Joe Ide and his brothers hung out almost exclusively with the neighborhood kids in South Los Angeles. Years later, the city's old haunts and characters... [Read More]
The second book in Ide's detective series again centers on Isaiah Quintabe. I.Q. moves back and forth to Las Vegas, where he's trying to find... [Read More]
"I did it to show my appreciation to America ... I love this country." Jose Feliciano, on singing the national anthem his way. His performance... [Read More]
A new survey looks at who feels discriminated against in America. The short answer: everyone, but for different reasons. And for some, it's... [Read More]
The anger of white fans "is what happens when black bodies don't conform to what white spectators and consumers want them to be or do... [Read More]
Victoria & Abdul is based on a true story about Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim. He started as a servant. She made him her teacher... [Read More]
From 1967 until 1977, photographers from La Raza chronicled Chicanos in and around Los Angeles. This month, the Autry Museum of the American West is... [Read More]
A documentary series about black married life debuts on the Oprah Winfrey Network Saturday. It shows the ups and downs of marriage. [Read More]
The Justice Bus is celebrating its 10th year. Over the past decade, a bus full of volunteer lawyers, counselors and translators — all part of... [Read More]
When high-priced LA lawyers get together for lunch, it's as likely as not they'll be someplace with white tablecloths, silver flatware and a wine list.... [Read More]
The partnership seeks to strengthen Airbnb's anti-discrimination efforts and encourage more people in communities of color to consider becoming hosts. [Read More]
A number of writers, editors, photographers and illustrators are still waiting to be paid by the magazine for work that was published in February. The... [Read More]
Ebony Magazine held a beloved place in black households for more than seven decades. But like a lot of magazines, it was feeling pinched between... [Read More]
An exhibit at the Huntington Library shows visitors how famed science fiction writer Octavia Butler created a career for herself in a genre that had... [Read More]
Bill Maher crosses a line, Kevin Hart takes a pass on Trump, and a Cosby Kid stands up for Dr. Huxtable. Let's get to it. [Read More]