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Will Priestner drags his mouse across the computer screen and carefully drops another piece of the vehicle's innards into place. [Read More]
Labour peer and founder of manufacturing research hub WMG has served prime ministers of all shades since the 1980s... [Read More]
For companies such as Airbus, which manufactures its aircraft and parts across Europe, dealing with a country outside the EU could prove simply too expensive... [Read More]
With mining of cobalt and other elements politically and ethically charged, the hunt for alternatives is on... [Read More]
The electric carmaker overtook GM in market capitalisation last week. Is this just a bubble — or is battery tech the future? [Read More]
Shoppers had abandoned the centre of town: so an innovative regeneration scheme invited the local creative sector in instead Swansea High Street is a jumble... [Read More]
Bombardier's CS100 aircraft, with wider seats in response to an increase in average passenger size, will take flight at airshow A plane with seats wide... [Read More]
But the huge potential rewards are also attracting Chinese investment in Hollywood businesses... [Read More]
The devastating news of Tata's decision to pull out has drawn comparisons with the demise of coalmining and the misery that followed Port Talbot's derelict... [Read More]
In the Tata Steel plant and the businesses that depend on it, the collapse in the global steel price has provoked alarm – and anger... [Read More]
Military action in Syria and a rise in defence spending in the UK, the US and Europe has reinvigorated the once-ailing British arms industry ... [Read More]
One in three staff at 151-year-old mill in Lincolnshire to lose jobs with redundancies also planned at two plants in Scotland Britain's biggest steelmaker is... [Read More]
The slowdown in China's economy has created a flood of cut-price steel that could lead to further closures of plants such as SSI UK's in... [Read More]
It's a challenge designed for the best of the best, and with both competitors and investors showing increasing interest, what's bringing people in? At 7am... [Read More]
Italy's Agnellis are the latest wealthy dynasty – in the wake of the Murdochs, the Barclays and the Sulzbergers – to take control of a... [Read More]