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Meanwhile, in private, executives complained about "SeaWorld stink" and encourage employees to infiltrate PETA, according to a class-action lawsuit. [Read More]
Authorities say a disgruntled lover used liquid fuel to draw a heart below his girlfriend's bedroom window, then tried to set her whole house aflame. [Read More]
Brodrick Ward's family is demanding answers after he called them days before his murder, scared of what might happen in a mostly white town. [Read More]
'B*tch, you better close your mouth for them feds,' rapped Richard Grundy III, aka 'White Boy,' in a social media post. Cops arrested him in... [Read More]
An 85-year-old mogul and Holocaust survivor is being sued by three female employees who claim he groped them, demanded sex, and forced them to watch... [Read More]
It was 1978 and the young critic had just reviewed Jame Toback's directorial debut. Then came the phone calls: 'I'm going to f**king kill you.'... [Read More]
Since the L.A. Times reported 38 women had accused the director of harassment and assault, countless others have come forward on Twitter and Facebook with... [Read More]
She catfished an innocent woman, got her jailed—and wanted to sell the story to Lifetime. [Read More]
Couple busted with cache of totally legal, and totally untraceable, 'ghost guns.'... [Read More]
They call them the "angels in orange"—male and female prison crews who are helping to battle the terrifying wine country fires. [Read More]
Animal rights activists are suing a petting zoo over allegedly killing its endangered gray wolf puppies after they get too big for kids to cuddle. [Read More]
Taylor Winston served in Iraq. Kacy Thompson was an EMT. Together they became heroes. [Read More]
She was known as 'Captain Christina' to the revelers on her Houston-area yachts. But Cynthia Knox was her real name—and she'd fled east after her... [Read More]
Did Angela Diaz really send herself emails in her husband's ex's name and set up fake 'rape fantasy' posts on Craigslist? Or could it have... [Read More]
A felon with an unfortunate nickname is accused of running a multi-state marijuana ring and bumping off his associates—and love drama may have led to... [Read More]
Kara Kopetsky and Jessica Runions vanished a decade apart. The only thing they had in common was a troubled Romeo with a disturbing history of... [Read More]
DNA evidence cleared a man who spent nearly a decade behind bars for a crime he never committed—and may finally lead to the conviction of... [Read More]
Ohio police mocked a Mexican immigrant for driving drunk, then dumped him at a Taco Bell because 'they'll have someone that interprets.' Hours later, the... [Read More]
One Alaska man was determined to avoid serving time for his crimes—and cops say he almost got away with it. [Read More]
Malcolm Scott was exonerated after 22 years in prison and now he's suing. Innocent people like him were convicted, he claims, with coercion, lost evidence,... [Read More]