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Iowa law enforcement officers have charged an undocumented immigrant with first degree murder in the case of Mollie Tibbetts, who had been missing for more... [Read More]
Florida's student body has never been more diverse. But the state's schools are also becoming more segregated. A recent study by the LeRoy Collins... [Read More]
Florida lawmakers want first responders to get workers' compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder. But the House bill would only give them a year to... [Read More]
The state's highest court will not weigh in on Floridians' right to front yard vegetable gardens. But the food fight isn't over in the state... [Read More]
Florida lawmakers want to cut penalties for people who accidentally show their concealed weapons. The bill is ready for a floor vote in the House.... [Read More]
Florida lawmakers want to restrict certain abortions for women in their second trimester. Judges in other states have struck down similar laws as... [Read More]
Florida lawmakers want to expand the use of digital voting and tallying machines. Many of the state's election managers are behind the plan . But... [Read More]
Florida lawmakers want to weigh in on who really has access to the state's beaches. A bill moving in the statehouse is meant to settle... [Read More]
Reform-minded Florida lawmakers are disagreeing over how to address sexual harassment. House Republicans have significantly expanded their measure . And... [Read More]
Florida State University President John Thrasher is rolling back portions of a ban on Greek life after the hazing-related death of a student. Fraternities... [Read More]
North Florida's lower-income residents can get free help with their taxes this spring. Eligible individuals and families making $54,000 a year or less can... [Read More]
The state legislature is one major step closer to building a memorial recognizing enslaved Floridians . After facing resistance last year, the measure is... [Read More]
In the final part of our series on historically black colleges and universities, we take a look at the state's Southern-most HBCU, Florida Memorial University... [Read More]
Florida lawmakers want more people to be able to report drug or alcohol overdoses without fear of retaliation. The effort comes after the high-profile... [Read More]
After being the only option for black students for decades, some historically black colleges and universities are struggling . Falling enrollment numbers... [Read More]
This November Floridians will decide whether felons should get their voting rights back. After activists gathered over one million petitions, the... [Read More]
The Florida House is ready to take up two familiar healthcare reform measures Wednesday. Supporters say both bills will make care more accessible and more... [Read More]
The plight of immigrants brought to the United States as children reverberated throughout national politics this week. But DACA sparked lively debates in... [Read More]
One state lawmaker thinks pornography is a public health concern that's damaging young Floridians. But one of his colleagues, who's a doctor, says the... [Read More]