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The sport was once synonymous with tobacco, with sponsorships bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars a year. That money has been hard to replace. [Read More]
The sport's medical rescue coordinator and a colleague designed a sensor that will help determine a driver's condition after an accident. [Read More]
The British Racing Drivers' Club, which runs the race, has opted out of its contract with Formula One, saying "it is no longer financially viable." [Read More]
It's difficult for independent teams to go up against well-financed factory organizations, so the sport passes rules to make the race competitive. [Read More]
Alonso joins a long line of drivers who have made the attempt over the years. Only Graham Hill has succeeded. [Read More]
The rally began in 2000, a motorsport event aimed at providing a luxury experience in addition to an automotive adventure with breathtaking views. [Read More]
The motorsport event for women in France and Spain is meant to combine the elegance, conviviality and competition of female drivers of the past. [Read More]
The sport, he said, needs to be more competitive. And the business model has to be healthier because the economics are too difficult for many... [Read More]
The team and Mercedes traded wins for the first part of the year. After that, Ferrari stumbled. [Read More]
He helped deliver four first- and second-place victories for Mercedes and finished third in the drivers' championship, with 13 podium finishes. [Read More]
Despite his strong track record and even with the backing of Ferrari, there is no guarantee that Leclerc, 19, will end up in a Formula... [Read More]
On Sunday, thousands of the team's fans will fill the Autodromo Nazionale Monza for the Italian Grand Prix, and they will be making some noise. [Read More]
Stewards are the referees of Formula One, watching for driving violations on computer screens and analyzing data from the cars. [Read More]
They aren't driving, but they make strategic race decisions from the pits, work in design and engine development, and have run teams. [Read More]
Tough conditions a proving ground for automotive tech. [Read More]
A competition that has been held each June since 1923 on France's Circuit de la Sarthe will be held this year on June 17 and... [Read More]
For truly madcap motoring ideas at the race, one must turn to Garage 56, which puts a concept car on the track. [Read More]
Le Mans has been a breeding ground for technologies that drivers take for granted, like fog lights seatbelts and windshield wipers. [Read More]
Drivers who compete in the World Endurance Championship tend to have longer careers than Formula One drivers. [Read More]
With its tunnels, hairpin turns and narrow residential streets, the course in Monaco has long been a safety challenge. [Read More]