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The president used the awesomeness of the oval office to promote disinformation about our southern border and tweeted for a fundraiser. He continued his modus... [Read More]
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A $12 billion bailout for agriculture because of tariffs that the president alone created! NO WAY! I am sick and tired of the House and... [Read More]
Great horned owl in midtown with her 3 baby owlets... [Read More]
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The GOP is trying to ram through a tax plan without public comment or committee hearings. The cost will add $1.5 TRILLION to our deficit.... [Read More]
Only one reason a small two-person two-year old company in Ryan Zinke's hometown was awarded an unprecedented $300 million contract to help rebuild Puerto Rico's... [Read More]
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Just yesterday, the President went on his daily twitter attack and bashed and ranted against Senator Blumenthal. Yet, he was NOT able to tweet about:... [Read More]