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For the first time, researchers observed a stellar death before their eyes — a supernova and a forming black hole or a neutron star... [Read More]
Radio Burst Traced to Extreme Cosmic Neighborhood | RealClearScience... [Read More]
Dân đi du lịch thường dễ bị đau bụng khi đi chơi, làm sao tránh được sự khó chịu này trong hành trình thú vị... [Read More]
Có thể chỉ một thời gian nữa, các hãng hàng không dân dụng sẽ dùng máy bay tự động hóa toàn bộ, không dùng phi... [Read More]
Driverless trains and cars are already with us – but how soon before pilotless airliners? The biggest challenge may be getting passengers on board. Katia... [Read More]
The nascent moon may have never had a magma ocean, but was instead composed of a magma 'mush.'... [Read More]
The world's most powerful "split magnet" - a magnet made in two halves with holes to observe the experiments at its core - has been... [Read More]
Just who sits next to you on that flight from London to Singapore might be a total mystery – until they sit next to you.... [Read More]
We take long showers, change clothes every day and wash our hands many times throughout the day. Is this doing us more harm than good? [Read More]
Will wi-fi change how airlines keep us entertained above the clouds? Katia Moskvitch reports. [Read More]
Airlines feel the pressure to keep us constantly entertained while we're up in the air. Is wi-fi about to change how we keep entertained above... [Read More]
Women are under-represented in physical sciences and in science in the developing world. Meet three who beat both sets of odds. [Read More]
Nobelist Venki Ramakrishnan recommends an array of steps, including international cooperation... [Read More]
Nobel laureate Konstantin Novoselov, considers exciting uses for graphene and other materials... [Read More]
Former U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu weighs in on the future of energy... [Read More]
A Q&A with Nobel laureate Mario Molina on climate change... [Read More]
A top antiviral-therapy researcher, Joep Lange, was among the more than 100 researchers and advocates killed en route to the 20th International AIDS Conference in... [Read More]
Lizards and tadpoles can regenerate lost limbs—so why can't we? Michael Levin, director of the Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology at Tufts, told me... [Read More]
Biological engineer Angela Belcher is genetically modifying viruses to create batteries that can be recharged thousands of times and then decay harmlessly... [Read More]
Theoretical physicists have forged a connection between the concept of entanglement — a mysterious quantum mechanical connection between two widely separated particles — and that... [Read More]