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Its been months since any politician or mainstream media outlet has reported in detail on Puerto Rico. But the situation on the island remains dire—socially, politically... [Read More]
No one knows exactly how many Democrats will run for president in 2020. But its fair to guess that there will be quite a few.... [Read More]
The name and story of Dolores Huerta should be taught in every school across America. A civil rights activist and labor leader for more than... [Read More]
One year after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, the island continues its struggle to rebuild. From an outdated and battered power grid, to a crumbling... [Read More]
When history judges today's Republican Party, one of the many cruel and disgusting things they will have to answer for is their response to the... [Read More]
Its been less than a week since Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was arrested  and charged with manslaughter for the murder of Botham Jean—whom she... [Read More]
As Hurricane Florence makes its way toward the Carolina coast, residents in the most vulnerable areas for flooding and wind damage have been warned to evacuate. Some... [Read More]
Black people in America are subject to unbelievable cruelty, violence and death at the hands of police. Even in our own homes, which, ideally, would be... [Read More]
Millions of people are preparing for Hurricane Florence to make landfall later this week. As they brace themselves for a storm with "potential for unbelievable damage",... [Read More]
2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the election of Shirley Chisholm—the first black woman ever to serve in Congress. Since that time, the number of black... [Read More]
The federal government is not known for its efficiency. And yet with some things, it can act swiftly and with incredible cruelty. This has less to do... [Read More]
In the 1960s, Fannie Lou Hamer was an organizer of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP). An active participant in civil rights organizing for years, Hamer was gravely... [Read More]
Though she won a major upset in the race for a House seat in Massachusetts on Tuesday night, Ayanna Pressley was not endorsed by the Democratic establishment.... [Read More]
With just two months to go until Election Day, the Georgia's governor's race is simply too close to call. Though there is clearly only one... [Read More]
With just two months to go until Election Day, the Georgia's governor's race is simply too close to call. Though there is clearly only one... [Read More]
On Labor Day, Nike revealed Colin Kaepernick as the face of its new ad campaign celebrating the 30th anniversary of the slogan, "Just Do It." The... [Read More]
Many Americans simply think of Labor Day as the holiday which denotes the official end of summer. It is the time when students, teachers, and... [Read More]
As we prepare to celebrate Labor Day, it is appropriate to take a moment to reflect on the lives of black workers across the country. While... [Read More]
Over the last two years, a wide swath of Americans are finally catching up to something that many of us have known for quite some time:... [Read More]
Many Americans had never heard of the "Stand Your Ground" law prior to 2013 when George Zimmerman went on trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin.... [Read More]