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Members of bitcoin's overwhelmingly male fanbase want to use the cryptocurrency to hide money from women. [Read More]
Republican FCC Commissioners literally laughed off forged comments under investigation in 19 states and voted to allow corporations to slow the web for customers unable... [Read More]
A Florida man says a self-improvement program is a cult that left a dead rat on his doorstep. The group's leader says that's nonsense. [Read More]
The Senate candidate's new flack Janet Porter has long dabbled in right-wing conspiracy theories, anti-abortion extremism, and was fired for openly advocating for a theocracy. [Read More]
Boston now has not one but two anime conventions—and the company behind the original annual meetup is suing over their 'confusingly similar' names. [Read More]
Trump retweeted three videos from the leader of 'Britain First,' one of the U.K.'s most fringe movements. [Read More]
In just five months, an energy company has paid Massachusetts State Police nearly $773,000 for extra security details—as they've helped arrest protesters fighting a pipeline. [Read More]
ICE asked Silicon Valley for technology to do 'extreme vetting' of immigrants. But how do you define 'positive contributions' or an innocent person's risk of... [Read More]
A private company increases debts by 30 percent, then tells Oklahomans to pay up or go to jail. Law enforcement is in its pocket, a... [Read More]
The page advertised a tab where users could "Raise Money for The Violent Incident in Manhattan, New York." [Read More]
George Papadopoulos was approached by a mysterious Russian woman and a Kremlin-backed professor. They offered up dirt on Hillary Clinton—and a chance to meet Putin. [Read More]
Gurbaksh Chahal has been sentenced to prison and is being sued for alleged racism and sexism. Yet a cryptocurrency confab wanted to hear him out. [Read More]
Buried deep inside newly released FBI files is evidence the killer was obsessed with school shootings to a degree previously unknown. [Read More]
Five states cut ties with Corizon Health, but not Kansas where the family of Marques Davis claims he told doctors 'it feels like someone is... [Read More]
The abuse-reporting process is far from automatic, ex-employees say, and allows moderators to fast-track complaints they deem fit for people they like. [Read More]
Officials are investigating the company's role in a series of deadly wildfires that have devastated the state's wine country. [Read More]
He passed off tummy tucks as hernia surgery, raked in millions, then disappeared. [Read More]
Selling fentanyl to someone who dies is now first-degree murder. But how do you prove it? That's a life-or-death question for Tamas Harris. [Read More]
The DOJ has introduced an Oath Keeper video of Inauguration Day demonstrations as evidence to convict protesters of felony rioting, punishable by up to 75... [Read More]
The Wisconsin governor lured Foxconn to his state with $3 billion and a vow to make it hard to sue the Taiwanese company—which, experts say,... [Read More]