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Apparently, AT&T mobile phones are displaying "5Ge" in many service areas where 5G is not available, adding another good reason to recommend selling the stock. [Read More]
Apple's trailing PE ratio of 14 says the market believes the S&P 500, whose PE is 21, has better prospects. I challenged my managers to... [Read More]
If you have never owned Amazon, now may be the time. Tony Mitchell, my top tech manager, bought Amazon for the first time after embarrassing... [Read More]
Since I published Nvidia's CEO Has Earned My Trust, readers have asked me for some examples of CEOs who have not earned my trust. There... [Read More]
I've challenged my managers to name a stock that won't lose money even if the market fades. Last month, Wayne Himelsein, my top quant manager,... [Read More]
It has long bothered me that Ford's and GM's electric car plans never seem to come to fruition. I think I now see the rationale... [Read More]
Technology index funds and ETFs have sold their Twitter holdings. Starting Monday, we'll see what Twitter is worth absent the unusual selling pressure we saw... [Read More]
To great fanfare, Amazon's value surpassed $1 trillion on September 4. Since then, Amazon has dropped a little more than 6%. Wayne Himelsein, one of... [Read More]
Technology index funds have to sell Facebook, Twitter and Google tomorrow, and Communications index funds have to buy. However, this creates a big order imbalance... [Read More]
I think it is better to bet on companies that can grow fast enough to keep their stocks moving up in the face of rising... [Read More]
Since Agilent has been flat this year, it is natural to assume that nothing of interest to investors is happening here. But Wayne Himelsein, one... [Read More]
It looks like Tesla may sell enough cars to turn profitable either this quarter or next. This is a great time to buy the stock... [Read More]
Nvidia has gone from $30 to $272 in less than three years. Is it too late to get on board? Wayne Himelsein evaluates the market's... [Read More]
Becoming America's digital public square is one way Facebook, Twitter and Google can create value for investors and uphold a bedrock American ideal. However, they... [Read More]
When interest rates are falling, long-term bonds boom. But when interest rates are rising, the opposite happens. After six 0.25% interest rate hikes, it's time... [Read More]
Just as the best poker players win by reading other player's "tells", Wayne evaluates the market's "tells" to determine when to be aggressive and when... [Read More]
After I published How To Manage A Better Safety Net For Your Family, a lot of readers emailed with questions. In the interest of advancing... [Read More]
Many people agonize over when to let their kids take control of their inheritance. When my daughter was born, I tried something different that has... [Read More]
Institutional investors have biases that are easy to understand and exploitable. Facebook and Tesla are two stocks that have recently been rocked by institutional investors.... [Read More]
Just as the best poker players win by reading other player's "tells", Wayne Himelsein evaluates the market's "tells" to determine when to be aggressive and... [Read More]