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Cherokee Nation released a statement on Monday that rebukes Elizabeth Warren's effort to prove her claims of Native American ancestry. [Read More]
Authorities responded on Monday to a "suspicious letter" delivered to Senator Susan Collins' home in Bangor, Maine. [Read More]
Fox News contributor Juan Williams says that there's pretty much no distinction at this point between his network and President Trump's administration. [Read More]
CBS has released Donald Trump's extensive interview with Lesley Stahl for 60 Minutes and there's a lot to look at here. The interview touched on a... [Read More]
President Trump said America has been a "stupid country" in the past, while defending his approach to international economics and foreign policy. [Read More]
As The View continued to discuss the summit between Kanye West and Donald Trump, the panel expressed concern... [Read More]
In his daily Twitter missive, President Trump expressed his pleasure with all the recent speculation about whether he'll replace Nikki Haley with his daughter. [Read More]
"Bill Shine, if you're listening, tackle the son of a gun before he does any more damage..." [Read More]
CNN's Chris Cuomo denounced Donald Trump, Kanye West, and the media on Thursday over what he called a three-way "traveshamockery" that took place yesterday in... [Read More]
President Trump opened fire on The New York Times for the kabillionth time because of the anonymous op-ed they published weeks ago from a supposed... [Read More]
During his broad range interview on Fox & Friends, President Trump pretty much ignored a question about how his wife says certain people close to... [Read More]
President Trump gave an interview to Fox & Friends on Thursday, during which, he shrugged off the criticism he got last night for holding a... [Read More]
A new report suggests that White House officials want to "look into" Fox News because the network no longer airs Donald Trump's campaign rallies to... [Read More]
ABC has released a new portion of their extensive 20/20 interview with Melania Trump where she laments that she's one of the most bullied people... [Read More]
There were a few questionable moments of racial humor on CNN last night when the panel had a chat about Kanye West being "the token... [Read More]
It seems former attorney general Eric Holder is echoing Hillary Clinton's idea that civility in political discourse is out of the question in today's age. [Read More]
President Trump told reporters in the Oval Office today that he has spoken to the Saudi Arabian government about the mysterious disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi. [Read More]
Watch live continuing coverage as Hurricane Michael makes landfall on the Florida panhandle. [Read More]
Christopher Steele, the former British intelligence officer behind Fusion GPS' dossier on Donald Trump, is breaking his silence after 18 months to subtly criticize the... [Read More]
As Jimmy Kimmel pointed out last night, it's funny how attitudes and opinions change under just the right political circumstances. [Read More]