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Michael Cohen has resigned from his position on the Republican National Committee's Finance Committee amid his ongoing legal troubles and investigations into his business affairs. [Read More]
As Donald Trump seems about ready to reverse on his administration's policy on the southern border, Judge Andrew Napolitano says the president seems to have... [Read More]
President Trump is reportedly thinking about taking executive action to reverse his administration's policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. [Read More]
Acclaimed actor and filmmaker Peter Fonda went on an unhinged Twitter tirade against the Trump Administration last night over their policy of separating migrant children... [Read More]
No apology. [Read More]
As Representative Jeff Dunham (R-CA) gave an interview on Wednesday to CNN, he was asked whether it wrong of President Trump to take pot shots... [Read More]
According to Right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson, there isn't a single thing African Americans have gotten involved in and made better for American society. [Read More]
As President Trump spoke before the National Federation of Independent Businesses on Tuesday, he continued on his path of blaming Congressional Democrats for his administration's... [Read More]
"Time to fire Sessions." [Read More]
The View continued to slam President Trump on Tuesday, showing clear disapproval for how the White House has tried to justify/explain their division of migrant... [Read More]
Comedy film director Judd Apatow is asking the showrunners and talent behind 21st Century Fox to stand up to company over Fox News' coverage of... [Read More]
John Berman went after the White House on Tuesday for constantly denying that President Trump is responsible for the immigration policies breaking up migrant families... [Read More]
"In Nazi Germany, they were keeping the Jews from leaving the country but this is a serious matter." [Read More]
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is bringing emergency legislation before Congress tonight in order to alter national immigration laws as President Donald Trump demands. [Read More]
Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen faced an avalanche of questions on Monday as she doubled down on the White's policy to deal with migrant... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton gave a speech today where she condemned the Trump Administration for their policy of allowing migrant children to be taken away from their... [Read More]
Richard Painter has released his first campaign ad, and it's making a point of how Washington D.C. has become a huge political "dumpster fire." [Read More]
Actor and liberal activist Rob Reiner says Robert De Niro didn't help himself with his anti-Trump outburst at the Tony Awards. [Read More]
Let's take a little break and check out this weirdness together. [Read More]
According to Rep. Steve King (R-IA), Congressional Republicans are cooking up a plan to force Paul Ryan out as House Speaker because he's not on... [Read More]