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Goldstone, who arranged the Trump Tower meeting at the request of a pop star, says Mueller's team wanted to know about links between Trump and... [Read More]
Deborah Ramirez, who attended Yale University with embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, has come forward with an accusation on the eve of his scheduled... [Read More]
Manfort forfeited five New York homes worth an estimated $22 million as part of his plea deal with Mueller, including a Trump Tower condo. [Read More]
The charges brought by special counsel Robert Mueller were revealed just days before President Donald Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin. [Read More]
The charges come just days before President Donald Trump has his first formal meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. [Read More]
They are accused of trying to tamper with witnesses who could testify against Manafort. [Read More]
The allegations include groping, propositions for sex, indecent exposure and lewd comments by supervisors. [Read More]
U.N. expert Hugh Griffiths says North Korea has borrowed tactics used during 18th century piracy to evade sanctions and earn millions. [Read More]
Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign aide and business associate of Paul Manafort, is set to plead guilty in federal court. [Read More]
The 32-count indictment was filed in federal court in the Eastern District of Virginia... [Read More]
Mueller's investigators are asking whether ex-Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort promised Steve Calk a White House job in return for $16 million in home loans. [Read More]
'Imagine an audience watching football, and a team getting a touchdown, but not getting points for that,' said Chloe Katz, a former competitive skater. [Read More]
The unique rules for figure-skating judges make suspect scoring inevitable, and statistics suggest judges give higher marks to skaters from their own countries. [Read More]
The United States has microwave weapons that proponents believe could stop North Korea from launching missiles by frying their electronics. [Read More]
The U.S. has microwave missiles that could fry the electronics of North Korea's missiles and control systems. [Read More]
New York terror attack suspect Sayfullo Saipov arrived from Uzbekistan in 2010, became a trucker, raised a family and somehow developed a fascination with ISIS. [Read More]
A note was found in the truck used to run down people on a bike path in Manhattan that indicates the suspect claimed the attack... [Read More]
Cuba says nearly 2,000 people, including law enforcement and scientists, are trying to figure out what sickened American diplomats. [Read More]
Because of "clawbacks," many consumers pay extra for some of the most commonly prescribed drugs — medicine for depression, cholesterol and high blood pressure. [Read More]
Natalia Veselnitskaya told NBC News she feels like a character in a movie, and has even received marriage proposals. [Read More]