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where unemployment and interest rates are low - the housing market is strong, especially when it comes to historic villas. [Read More]
In the coastal Dominical area, empty lots and large houses that can be converted into rentals are still affordable, but prices are starting to rise. [Read More]
Sales in the inland district of Cayo have increased in recent years, especially for riverfront properties. [Read More]
With the value of the Brazilian real dropping relative to that of the dollar, property in Brazil is becoming more affordable for American buyers. [Read More]
Tourism, the port and a growing business environment have made Gdynia, a city on the Baltic Sea, popular with investors and second-home buyers. [Read More]
In Copenhagen, where demand is high for apartments and inventory is low, prices have increased significantly in the last year. [Read More]
Homes sales are starting to pick up following the energy sector crash of 2014, but prices are still low and there are few international buyers. [Read More]
A three-bedroom condo in the heart of Palermo is for sale for $1.6 million. [Read More]
Second-home sales have slowed slightly in England's Lake District, but prices are still steadily increasing. [Read More]
Corn mazes. Barbed-wire museums. Carved houses. Keeping them in the black can be tricky. [Read More]
In Monaco, property prices are the highest in the world, but safety and low taxes continue to attract foreign luxury buyers. [Read More]
With low inventory and high demand, the home market in Reykjavik is booming. [Read More]
With lower prices than Toronto or Vancouver and an influx of foreign buyers, the Montreal real estate market rebounded in 2016. [Read More]
After a surge in sales from 2003 to 2011, the number of transactions in the Uruguayan capital has declined. [Read More]
Cabo San Lucas is becoming a high-end luxury destination, competing with Hawaii and the Caribbean for second home buyers. [Read More]
An English businessman who saw the low-key city of La Paz as an international second home destination says the going has not been easy. [Read More]
Sales are improving in Morocco's housing market, which has been affected by unrest in the Middle East and ongoing turmoil in parts of North Africa. [Read More]
Homes in the valley city of Medellin, Colombia, sell at a discount compared to those in Bogotá and Cartagena, though sales are steadily increasing. [Read More]
Charlie Mars reinvented himself as an entrepreneur—and found success running his career himself. [Read More]
Surfers have enjoyed waves here for decades, but insiders say there are still lots of great spots to be found. [Read More]