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The popular Netflix series is the first project starring a man accused of sexual misconduct to air completely as planned. And it's a troubling watch... [Read More]
Actresses will wear all black to the Golden Globes in protest of industry misconduct. This is admirable, and necessary. But where was this courage when... [Read More]
Dissecting the distinctly political, distinctly female, and distinctly ambitious year in TV against the backdrop of an upsetting, though galvanizing, year. [Read More]
"First Penis I Ever Saw" is one of the season's best 'Crazy Ex-GF' songs. Of course Paula, ahem, rises to the occasion. Meet Donna Lynne... [Read More]
The buzzy biopic features Aussie stunner Robbie as figure skater Tonya Harding, exploring the physical and psychological abuse she suffered at the hands of her... [Read More]
The creators of 'Will & Grace' and the legendary James Burrows on how the show refashioned a '90s hit into one of 2017's most successful... [Read More]
In a cringe-worthy interview, Anderson said that women should know better than to be in hotel rooms alone with predators like Harvey Weinstein. [Read More]
After a 1991 interview in which Midler details being drugged and groped by the Fox News host resurfaced, the singer adds to the #MeToo chorus... [Read More]
Amazon's new series from Amy Sherman-Palladino is, if possible, cuter and even more caffeinated than 'Gilmore.' And, like 'Gilmore,' its flaws are masked by its... [Read More]
Karma's a bitch, at least according to fans reveling in the firing of Matt Lauer. As such, Curry has become the avatar for women whose... [Read More]
'You had a beautiful friendship. Maybe more than a friendship. And I envy you.' Michael Stuhlbarg talks about his Oscar-worthy monologue about a dad's acceptance... [Read More]
With Hollywood ablaze in a conversation about sexual misconduct, will the Oscars stick with tradition and invite the actor to present next year's Best Actress... [Read More]
With hundreds of shows on TV, no one can watch everything. So why not watch something pretty great? The case for TBS' dark-comedy-millennial-satire-murder-mystery. [Read More]
Michael Stuhlbarg played Kevin Spacey's lover in the Gore Vidal biopic that was canceled while in post-production in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against... [Read More]
Why the rapper's unique blend of brazen hip-hop production and the emotional angst of "emo" lyrics made him such a phenomenon with young fans, and... [Read More]
The wigs come off but the heels stay on as 'Drag Race' fan favorites Katya and Trixie Mattel untuck the secret to their chemistry on... [Read More]
After a Tony win and three Emmy nods in the same year, the 'Roseanne' alum is an Oscar frontrunner for her role in Greta Gerwig's... [Read More]
About a mother who wreaks havoc on a small town while seeking justice for her daughter's rape and murder, 'Three Billboards' says a lot about... [Read More]
As his new film about a trio of Vietnam War veterans hits theaters, Cranston talks taking the knee, the idea of liberal patriotism, and rooting... [Read More]
The day before an actress accuses the 'Wisdom of the Crowd' star of sexual harassment, Piven candidly discussed 'Entourage's' effect on culture writ large with... [Read More]