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★★☆☆☆Paul Feig goes dark. Blake Lively turns nasty. And Anna Kendrick gets tough. These are the three essential selling points for this half-baked missing persons... [Read More]
★★★★☆This is how you do a musical documentary. At a time when pop profiles are increasingly bland self-promotion (see Lady Gaga's self-serving "documentary" Five Foot... [Read More]
★★★★☆Warning! This is not for the uninitiated. Arthouse novices, steer well clear. If you've never seen a Federico Fellini movie (I'd do a double bill... [Read More]
★★★★☆A camera cranes up over an imposing Warwickshire mansion. Eerie unsettling music fills the soundtrack. A wistful voiceover announces: "When I first saw Hundreds Hall... [Read More]
Of all the dumb decisions that the Bond producers have made through the years (hiring George Lazenby, doing arctic tsunami kitesurfing in Die Another Day,... [Read More]
I see our old foe "prejudice" has reared its ugly head once more as a group of travelling American "dwarf wrestlers" have cancelled two gigs... [Read More]
Brady Jandreau is the strong, silent star of the new cowboy drama The Rider. The film is based on Jandreau's life, and casts him as... [Read More]
★★★★☆I love you. I love you too. Is there any verbal exchange more hackneyed in the history of fiction, filmed or otherwise? It was already... [Read More]
You know when the pain strikes, and it's almost debilitating, and you can't take it any more, so you reach for the pack of prescription... [Read More]
Watch our critics discuss the big new releases. This week, Kevin Maher and Ed Potton give their verdicts on American Animals.See the Times+ website for details... [Read More]
Why?Because a prestigious musical biopic that's been bubbling away for the past decade has finally found its star. Gemma Arterton, whose credits include Tamara Drewe... [Read More]
There is a chilling moment in Deliverance, from 1972, when Burt Reynolds is spearing fish with a bow and arrow. The film subsequently became a... [Read More]
★★★★☆The first of three movie projects centred on the life and work of the Sunday Times war correspondent Marie Colvin (next comes the biopic A... [Read More]
★★★★☆A chance to see a delicate, low-key "gay conversion" movie before this awards season's big showy Oscar hopeful Boy Erased (Nicole Kidman as the evil... [Read More]
★★★★★The definitive courtroom thriller, with two genuinely startling final-reel twists (they occur in the same scene). No spoilers here, obviously, but keep an eye on... [Read More]
What a difference a year makes. The Venice Film Festival hit paydirt in 2017 when Oscar-calibre movies appeared to rain down on the Lido with... [Read More]
★★★★☆Joaquin Phoenix and John C Reilly are the western double act you never knew you needed (until now) in this exhilarating cowboy romp from the... [Read More]
★★☆☆☆There exists a cavernous gap between a powerful idea and a great movie, and it's where you will find this latest ambitious, if flawed, Mike... [Read More]
★★☆☆☆There is a moment, very early on in this eagerly awaited Oscar hopeful, that is almost inexpressibly beautiful. Through a chance encounter with the alcoholic... [Read More]
Oh, you lucky sods. You've only just finished devouring a record-breaking bonanza of summer blockbusters that included the best Mission: Impossible, Mamma Mia! and Avengers... [Read More]