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Mary Poppins Returns director Rob Marshall and star Emily Blunt took to the stage at Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim Saturday where they shared the... [Read More]
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Whoopi Goldberg was named the "surprise" Disney Legend Friday at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, and she had some surprising things to say about the... [Read More]
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Disney has owned Lucasfilm for five years now, and self-professed Disney-phile Mark Hamill could not be happier with life in the Magic Kingdom. [Read More]
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the Batman films widely regarded as the gold standard in superhero filmmaking... [Read More]
David Leitch has developed a reputation for his masterful orchestration of practical stunts and fight scenes — first as a stuntman, then as a stunt... [Read More]
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We won't say who gets snuffed and how in the disturbing and unflinching new Australian horror film Killing Ground, but, as its title implies, bloodletting... [Read More]
Despicable Me 3 marks the fourth time Steve Carell has channeled the rehabilitated supervillain Gru (including a cameo in Minions), so it stands to reason... [Read More]