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The first known experiment using the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technique with live human embryos was reportedly conducted in China last month. The joy of he... [Read More]
When Serena Williams was penalized during the US Open, she turned her anger against her accuser — the umpire — rather than on her opponent.... [Read More]
Total knee replacement has been a godsend for many people with severe bone-on-bone arthritis. Many of my patients are skiing, hiking, and playing sports on... [Read More]
Know the bias of your surgeon. It dramatically affects the care you are offered. Surgeons are like any other skilled professional. They like to do... [Read More]
Top skier breaks her leg. Doctor fixes it, gives her narcotics and sends her home. She's told to come back in two weeks for a... [Read More]
"Stretch, stretch more, do yoga, do Pilates," our trainers encourage us in a neverending litany. Our stiffness is hurting our backs, our knees and our... [Read More]
Varying medical protocols because someone is extra-special can lead to problems. If you are extra-special, I suggest you request plain vanilla care —and ex... [Read More]
Every day I hear something like this: "Doc, how soon can I get back to playing soccer?" This can be a question from somebody with... [Read More]
The dreaded "hammy" is the tearing of the muscle or tendon fibers of the powerful hamstring muscles at the back of the leg. It's dreaded... [Read More]
You watch the ball. I watch the knees. Here's what I see … LeBron James is 6-foot-8 and weighs 250 pounds. Stephen Curry is 6-foot-3... [Read More]
Stand up straight, like your mother told you. Bad posture is a cause of multiple musculoskeletal problems. Here's what you can do: Start with your... [Read More]
Red is the color. So much depends on red. Healthy red blood is the essence of all tissues and even the determinant of the health... [Read More]
Mark Zuckerberg should have taught the U.S. Congress the primary fact of digital life: All things digital are public. If it is digital, it is... [Read More]
Dual head-to-head racing is the most exciting thing you can watch in competitive skiing. It began in the 1960s with Henri Moreault in Aspen, was... [Read More]
Stem cell therapies are sprouting like weeds. This is a good thing. The medical community is rushing into the biologic sciences, opening up the field... [Read More]
Tennis elbow hurts. It takes a long time to resolve and interferes with daily activities. Here is what causes the problem and what you can... [Read More]
Artificial knee replacement surgery used to mean the reduction of sports activities like golf, swimming and cycling. Yet, with severe arthritis affecting y... [Read More]
Mikaela Shiffrin has brought ski racing to an entirely new level. Her extreme focus and total life commitment dwarf those of all other competitors. Is... [Read More]
Classic blood doping, the injection of additional blood cells to increase oxygen in the muscle, is illegal in Olympic sports. Yet, legal blood doping is... [Read More]
Multiple times each day, we all reach for an upper. It may be a piece of chocolate, an espresso, a Coke, a candy bar. Then,... [Read More]