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Getty DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, Maryland—The last thing Charles McDaniel remembers of his father is a fleeting, joyful moment: running out of the house to... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast When John Bolton arrived at the White House, President Donald Trump welcomed him with a playful but direct message:... [Read More]
Sputnik Photo Agency/Reuters The Trump administration is plotting to inflict "total economic isolation" on Russia if it backs the Assad regime's assault of Syria's opposition... [Read More]
Alex Wong President Donald Trump struck back at one of his sharpest critics from the Obama administration, stripping former CIA director John Brennan of his... [Read More]
Chip Somodevilla/Getty I remember the last time I was thought of as the "enemy of the people," or at least the last time a U.S.... [Read More]
Susana Vera/Reuters PAMPLONA, Spain – The dried blood, beer, and the sticky chemical applied to the cobblestones to give the bulls' hooves purchase have been... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast ASPEN, Colorado—Trump officials attending last week's national security retreat sent public signals to the commander in chief that his... [Read More]
The U.S. Director of National Intelligence learned Vladimir Putin would be visiting the White House, via a tweet read to him at the Aspen Security... [Read More]
Spencer Platt/Getty The Trump State Department released a global trafficking report Thursday that admonishes foreign governments not to institutionalize children caught up in smuggling—an awkward... [Read More]
as long as canceling exer... [Read More]
The Texas Military Department is warning drone pilots they're getting in the way of rescuers, while the FAA says 'unauthorized' operators face 'significant fines.'... [Read More]
A lobbying shop co-founded by Hillary Clinton's campaign chair is behind slick TV ads aimed at influencing President Donald Trump. [Read More]
'I remember seeing him above me with his foot on my neck,' she told The Daily Beast. 'He's so close to me and has this... [Read More]
Angry debate over Russian hacking and the president's warmth toward the Kremlin is roiling the U.S. national security world. [Read More]
"It's not so much they think it can't happen. They're overstretched in terms of what they can do in the course of the day." [Read More]
On Qatar, Rex Tillerson and James Mattis are giving allies one message—while the White House sends another. [Read More]
The White House wants to warm up to Moscow, eventually. But CIA veterans say we tried that. [Read More]
Until a few days ago, Qatar and America were allies. Then came a diplomatic firestorm—and Donald Trump's social media rant. [Read More]
Despite the firing of the national security adviser over his Russian contacts, White House officials were still looking at ways to do business with Moscow. [Read More]
It's an attempt to squeeze the people helping Tehran with its ballistic missile program. [Read More]