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Bless us, sister, for audiences will have the living bejeezus scared out of them when "The Nun" opens in cinemas nationwide on Friday. [Read More]
Though Roth was an avowed atheist, Judaism was a perennial theme in much of his work. [Read More]
This weekend marks the Christian holy day of Pentecost and the Jewish holy day Shavuot. Both involve 'gifts,' but not the kind that come with... [Read More]
What do you do when anti-Semites, stirred up by a guy you see at the local coffee shop and the gym, send you doctored pictures... [Read More]
American Atheists, one of the most combative organizations dedicated to the promotion of secularism, has terminated its highly visible president, David Silverman, over allegations of... [Read More]
Queer activist and atheist Camille Beredjick calls for an alliance based on mutual goals of equality and acceptance. [Read More]
The organization gave no specific reason for the move. [Read More]
Here are eight new books... [Read More]
Montgomery. Albany. Birmingham. Selma. Washington, D.C. In each of these places King demonstrated an evolving theology. [Read More]
No, Stephen Hawking did not convert to Christianity before he died        ... [Read More]
The investigative site Snopes deems as false a claim that Hawking was converted by Pope Francis. [Read More]
The film looks at the historical, economic and sociological factors that contributed to making Jerusalem a powder keg in the days before Jesus' crucifixion.      ... [Read More]
The beloved 'Lord Grantham' takes his background in theology to Jerusalem in a new documentary. [Read More]
Say the words "British," "scientist" and "atheist" and the first person to come to mind probably isn't Stephen Hawking. [Read More]
American Bible Society's .bible domain policies restrict religious freedom online, critics say. Why are Catholic bishops backing unions at the Supreme Court? Lightning kills 15... [Read More]
The calls for action came after a March 10 airing of an NBC interview in which Putin suggested Russians were being wrongly targeted for election... [Read More]
Pope Francis is still popular, but warm feelings waning among conservatives. After a rescinded invitation, Ken Ham talks about God at an Oklahoma university. Why... [Read More]
Starting bid was $1, but the final 15 minutes of the weeklong auction were punctuated by rapidly rising offers... [Read More]
Jeremy Smith wanted to talk about Jesus, so he picked up a shovel and headed out to build a tunnel. [Read More]
The starting bid was $1, but the final 15 minutes of the weeklong auction were punctuated by rapidly rising bids in mostly $500 increments. [Read More]