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Restaurants have fed them for free. Banks have suspended late fees on their credit cards. And at airports, they've been offered hugs, encouragement and casseroles. [Read More]
Road-tripping through prehistoric times on the West Coast... [Read More]
A primary election Tuesday is expected to set up a tense, 3-way race for governor as Alaska reaches a crossroads. Will outside forces set the... [Read More]
In a city where power, gender and technology converge, artists ask hard questions about diversity. [Read More]
Richard B. Russell, a ground service agent at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, flew a turboprop aircraft for nearly an hour over Puget Sound. [Read More]
For federal prosecutors, the decision was only the latest disappointment in two years of efforts at obtaining significant convictions in trials of ... [Read More]
An F.B.I. agent was found not guilty of lying about firing his gun during a 2016 confrontation in Oregon when a leader of an armed... [Read More]
A bullet struck the cab of a truck, and a law enforcement officer lied about firing the shot.Those were the two facts that federal jurors... [Read More]
An Oregon jury will decide the fate of an F.B.I. agent who is accused of lying about firing his rifle at a roadblock in which... [Read More]
A rally of far-right groups and counterprotesters signals the glaring disparity between Portland's racist history and its image today as a liberal bastion. [Read More]
A federal judge on Tuesday granted a temporary nationwide injunction blocking a Texas man from online distribution of blueprints for 3D printed "ghost guns" despite... [Read More]
Wildfire has destroyed acres of rangeland. Now scientists are trying to restore it. Sagebrush, it turns out, doesn't just fix itself. [Read More]
Mark Beebe and Tara Prevo met over online conversations about hiking the famed trail. A year later, they're together, and out fixing the wildfire-charred path. [Read More]
Tensions between liberal cities and the conservative countryside of Washington State are flaring over a major solar energy project, in a district with a highly... [Read More]
These are heady times for Boise, with an influx of newcomers, a spike in home prices and a jolt of jobs. But how will that... [Read More]
Rather than waiting for the police or political leaders to slow the sudden wave of stealing, ordinary people are taking matters into their own hands. [Read More]
In Alaska, car thefts are rising, and people are chasing crooks on their own. "Anybody can do this," says Floyd Hall, who has become something... [Read More]
For months, 65 homeless people lived in tents they set up in a parking lot behind the Seattle Pacific University bookstore, with a row of... [Read More]
For months, 65 homeless people lived in tents they set up in a parking lot behind the Seattle Pacific University bookstore, with a row of... [Read More]
Over the 15 years that the Seattle area has allowed some camps, the arrangement has often affected the permanent residents they wound up living beside.... [Read More]