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Last month's deadly Camp Fire has become a turning point in the debate over how western forests should be managed. [Read More]
A rocky outcropping on Oregon's coast is home to dozens of rare tufted puffins and, this summer, volunteer Art Broszeit — a de facto expert... [Read More]
The Trump Administration has called for more logging of western forests to reduce wildfire risks. But people on the ground in the west say the... [Read More]
Across California and the West, where dozens of large wildfires are burning, public health agencies are urging people to seal off their windows and doors,... [Read More]
Life threatening wildfires that burn hundreds of homes dominate the headlines. But prolonged smoke is what will actually affect hundreds of thousands of people living... [Read More]
Along the country roads that fan out from Ogallala, Neb., there are abandoned, weathered old farmhouses and collapsed barns, remnants of the hardscrabble settlers who... [Read More]
One year after the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., experts who monitor domestic extremism in the United States are taking stock of where... [Read More]
After the deadly violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., it appears the far-right extremist movement has splintered. Though monitors warn the threat... [Read More]
Hot and intense wildfires have a new name: mega-fires. They thrive on a build-up of dry fuel in the forests and increasingly threaten homes built... [Read More]
Ten years after a housing collapse during the Great Recession, home values have rebounded but there are too few homes on the market. Buyers face... [Read More]
A century's worth of fire suppression in forests, drought and heat from climate change, and the "suburbanization" of the woods mean that fires like the... [Read More]
The smoke from nearly 100 large Western wildfires has public health officials worried. Air quality managers are warning this is the new norm for the... [Read More]
President Trump signed full pardons on Tuesday for Oregon ranchers Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son, Steven, whose imprisonment inspired an anti-government takeover of the... [Read More]
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is allocating $20 million to house the homeless in temporary shelters spread across 15 council districts. But the first few... [Read More]
For Cairo, Ill., a former river port and manufacturing hub, economic troubles began with the decline in river trade. Now two more public housing buildings... [Read More]
In Los Angeles, Korean Americans react to the results of the summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Initial enthusiasm has... [Read More]
The fast-depopulating river town of Cairo in rural southern Illinois battles to stay viable. Residents say the federal government tried to push people out, rather... [Read More]
Asian-Americans are the fastest growing demographic in the once tried-and-true Republican Orange County, Calif. [Read More]
It's unclear whether the Trump administration's new "zero tolerance" policy at the border will have its intended effect of deterring illegal border crossings. Some in... [Read More]
Some rural leaders in Washington state say they felt blindsided by a surprise decision to restart a grizzly reintroduction plan. [Read More]