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Also: A man is charged with attempted murder in the London subway bombing; hurricane conditions arrive in the Turks and Caicos Islands; and it snows... [Read More]
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Also: Earthquake rescue work continues in Mexico; Kenyan justices explain why they nullified a presidential election; and Major League Baseball sets a new season record... [Read More]
Also: Toys 'R Us files for bankruptcy protection; Senate Republicans try again to replace Obamacare; and there are 250 new words in Merriam-Webster's dictionary. [Read More]
Also: Smoke from western wildfires blows across the U.S.; Education Secretary DeVos will speak on enforcing Title IX sexual assault protections; and here's what happens... [Read More]
Also: How Congress could save DACA; Aung San Suu Kyi says fake news is to blame for misinformation on fleeing Rohingyas; and the Blue Jays... [Read More]
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Also: Kenya's Supreme Court overturns the country's presidential election; thousands of Muslims are trying to flee Myanmar; and a North Carolina group is planning a... [Read More]
Also: U.S., South Korea engage in a "show of force" to gain North Korea's attention; a wildfire destroys 10 California homes; and France's new president... [Read More]
Good morning, here are our early stories: -- Harvey Makes Landfall In Louisiana As Houston Copes With Record Rainfall. -- Flooded Texas Chemical... [Read More]
Also: A suicide bombing in Afghanistan near the U.S. Embassy kills 5; a heat wave is baking southern California; and the running community mourns Olympian... [Read More]
Also: Uber taps a new CEO; an Indian court sentences a flamboyant self-declared guru to 10 years in prison; and Kenya outlaws the production and... [Read More]
Also: President Trump will discuss the U.S. military plan for Afghanistan tonight; the U.S. and South Korea open annual military drills; and Big Ben's bongs... [Read More]
Also: President Trump will review U.S. military plans for Afghanistan; the U.N. blames the Saudi-led coalition for half of Yemen's child casualties; and Tropical Storm... [Read More]
Also: Thousands attend an unannounced vigil in Charlottesville; Spain rescues hundreds of migrants at sea; and indictments are announced against a truck driver in the... [Read More]
Also: The University of Florida won't let white nationalist Richard Spencer speak on its campus; a huge power outage is over in Taiwan; and Vice... [Read More]