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Also: The circumstances aren't clear behind a U.S. Border Protection agent's death; four are presumed dead in a Pennsylvania senior home fire; and some 51... [Read More]
Also: Zimbabwe's leader ignores a call to resign; an Argentine submarine is still missing; and actor Jeffrey Tambor may leave 'Transparent' over sexual harassment allegations. [Read More]
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Also: A Saudi coalition will ease a blockade on Yemen; U.S. Democrats attend the climate summit in Germany; and a federal jury resumes work in... [Read More]
Also: The Texas church where a mass shooting occurred last Sunday will be demolished; Puerto Rico loses most of its power again; and pigeon racing... [Read More]
Good morning, here are our early stories: -- Trump Touts 'Great Chemistry' With China's Xi As Leaders Agree To Closer Ties. --... [Read More]
Also: Maine voters approve an expansion of Medicaid; pollution reaches dangerous levels in New Delhi; and LeBron James posts opaque memes on "mood". [Read More]
Also: The Texas church shooter had a history of domestic violence; combing through changes in the House GOP tax legislation; and understanding people with blindness... [Read More]
Also: How President Trump is slowly affecting U.S. policy; suspected tornadoes in Ohio and Indiana injure eight people; and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) suffers broken... [Read More]
Good morning, here are our early stories: -- Trump: NYC Truck Attack Suspect Should Get Death Penalty. -- Myanmar's Suu Kyi Visits Rakhine... [Read More]
Good morning, here are our early stories: -- Suspect In New York City Truck Attack Worked As Commercial Truck, Uber Driver. --... [Read More]
Good morning, here are our early stories: -- 2016 Under Scrutiny: A Timeline Of Russia Connections. -- After A Day Of Legal Shock... [Read More]
Also: A military sentencing hearing resumes today for deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl; Senators will discuss the U.S. authorization of military force; and the Houston Astros... [Read More]
Also: Defense Secretary Mattis visits South Korea; turnout for Kenya's presidential election was quite low; and two women sailing from Hawaii are rescued after being... [Read More]
Good morning, here are our early stories: -- President Trump May Declare Opioid Epidemic National Emergency. 'Nothing Going On' With Trump Voter... [Read More]
Also: Congress approves a disaster aid package for hurricane and wildfire relief; China's new ruling Politburo is announced; and the World Series opens in Los... [Read More]
Also: President Trump will lunch with GOP senators; two men who supported rancher Cliven Bundy in a standoff with officers plead guilty; and an Iditarod... [Read More]
Also: A Vietnam vet and medic who saved dozens of lives will receive the Medal of Honor; Sen. Schumer (D-N.Y.) seeks a CEO for Puerto... [Read More]
Also: White House Chief of Staff Kelly is criticized by the congresswoman he criticized; losses from California fires could exceed $1 billion; and supporters clap... [Read More]