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A letter to NEWS CENTER from an anonymous employee claims the City of Portland is giving too many chances to bad tenants - using your... [Read More]
A little-known federal government program pays out vaccine victims - and has sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to people in Maine. [Read More]
Wayne Gallant resigned as Oxford County sheriff in December amid claims he solicited sex from his employees, and recent court testimony revealed the FBI has... [Read More]
In the third day of the trial of Jill LaMontagne, the accused abuser took the stand to testify in her own defense. [Read More]
Despite accusations of sexual abuse and an ongoing trial, a group of Kennebunk High School teachers are sticking by their coworker: Jill LaMontagne. [Read More]
The University of Maine says 18-year-old Darius Minor died during an outdoor workout on Tuesday. The freshman from Virginia was on a full scholarship, according... [Read More]
Darius Minor becomes the second college football player this summer to collapse on the field during workouts, and eventually pass away. [Read More]
Old Town native Kyle Parker is on Russian President Vladimir Putin's list of U.S. officials he wants his government to question. The interview is unlikely... [Read More]
One Maine woman was shocked when she sifted through the shelves at family friendly Marden's in Scarborough. What she found: t-shirts covered in lewd images... [Read More]
To millions on Facebook, he's "Busta Troll," known for inflammatory, false headlines that go viral. In person, he's Christopher Blair, Maine resident and father of... [Read More]
Sandy Goulet narrowly escaped her abuser's wrath when he violated a protection order and went on a shooting rampage - aiming for her. That's why... [Read More]
The suspect in a fatal stabbing had a 40-year history of assaulting women. How was he walking the streets a free man? [Read More]
Before Albert Flick allegedly stabbed a woman to death in Lewiston, he murdered his wife. Her daughter says Flick never should've been released from prison. [Read More]
"The last thing somebody wants to be is in a bad light on Facebook." [Read More]
It may be a new national conversation - but businesses in Maine are ahead of the curve on banning plastic straws. [Read More]
The bill, not yet proposed, would tackle major fault lines in Maine's child protective system. [Read More]
In a new display of transparency, Maine DHHS is explaining its processes and procedures when it comes to filtering abuse reports. [Read More]
The Legislature's Government Oversight Committee is investigating Maine's child welfare system following the deaths of 10-year-old Marissa Kennedy and 4-year-old Kendall Chick... [Read More]
The legislature ultimately sided with sheriffs in a special session Monday, overriding the Governor's veto. Still, the president of the Maine Sheriff's Association said he... [Read More]
The "emergency" bill would add regulations for major electric companies in Maine. [Read More]