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Senator Ted Cruz actually purchased commercial air time during Late Night With Stephen Colbert to diss on his upcoming midterm opponent Beto O' Rourke. [Read More]
Can we think of an election in which college kids turned the tide of an otherwise evenly-contested race? How about two races? Yes we can. [Read More]
Vice President Mike Pence tells Margaret Brennan of CBS that he would be "more than willing" to sit down with the Special Counsel. [Read More]
Elon Musk seems determined to tank his own business. In today's clip, the polarizing inventor and part-time GOP donor puffs on a marijuana spliff. [Read More]
Jimmy Kimmel knows how to give and take. In today's clip, the comic parses his words carefully while making sure not to appoint himself the... [Read More]
Why does Jimmy Fallon think that SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh isn't qualified to serve spaghetti? Listen at 1:20 into this clip for the answer. [Read More]
Republicans dumped 15,000 Kavanaugh files last night, not giving Democrats a chance to read and review the documents before the judge's hearing could begin. [Read More]
In case anyone is curious about how the Senate is getting along while President Trump is in office, a Senator from Minnesota has the answer. [Read More]
Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC says that the First Daughter is living in a parallel universe of Instagram and joy while the rest of us deal... [Read More]
Wait for the Trump-Roseanne joke with a subtle John McCain reference. It might be just a little too soon, but you can't say it doesn't... [Read More]
Confronted by a reporter over his golf-buddy friendship with President Trump, the iconic athlete fell back on the old "respect the office" slogan. [Read More]
Today's clip has little to do with politics. It does say a whole lot about toxic masculinity, though...and a celebrity murder no one in American... [Read More]
GOP strategist Tara Setmeyer can't contain her laughter as pro-Trump partisan Steve Cortes casts 45 as an angel who has ended corruption and lobbying in... [Read More]
Senator Richard Blumenthal ups the ante on Trump in this short clip from MSNBC, calling the Manafort convictions and Cohen guilty plea "bombshell." [Read More]
In today's clip, the Daily Show comic points out (in a candid aside) that the 2018 midterm elections are not going to be like those... [Read More]
Joe Scarborough believes that Trump's feet will get too hot for the fire in 2020, and that the POTUS will leave the race voluntarily. [Read More]