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House Democrats are prepping a new oversight strategy to circumvent Trump's stonewalling. [Read More]
The groups will include Democratic and Republican lawmakers. [Read More]
House GOP leadership accused Democrats of engaging in similar behavior. [Read More]
The government office that oversees compliance with the Hatch Act has recommended that White House counselor Kellyanne Conway be removed from federal service. [Read More]
Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has not publicly embraced an impeachment inquiry. [Read More]
Some Republicans say impeaching President Trump would backfire the way it did against the GOP in 1998. Democrats are trying to focus on an earlier... [Read More]
"If we don't get an answer soon, we'll be issuing subpoenas," he said. [Read More]
The senators sent a letter to the bureau asking what steps it took in 2016, if any, to examine VR Systems servers for evidence of... [Read More]
It's Democrats' most aggressive step yet in their ongoing oversight battle with the Trump administration over withheld documents and witnesses. [Read More]
Jerry Nadler said that he intends to go to court as soon as possible to enforce his panel's subpoenas. [Read More]
Differences between the speaker and Judiciary chairman over how to hold President Donald Trump accountable are breaking into the open. [Read More]
A lack of diversity in the highest ranks of the Trump-era Treasury Department is a microcosm of challenges across the administration. [Read More]
Trump made the comment on the same day that John Dean, the former Nixon White House counsel, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee. [Read More]
The president said Dean was a "disgraced Nixon White House Counsel who is a paid CNN contributor." [Read More]
Democrats had hoped the hearing with Nixon's former White House counsel would draw attention to the substance of Mueller's findings. [Read More]
But the House Judiciary Committee will still vote tomorrow to hold Barr in civil contempt. [Read More]