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Democratic leaders of the California state legislature have hired Eric Holder, the former attorney general during the Obama administration, to serve as outside legal counsel as they prepare for a series of court... [Read More]
Six weeks after President-elect Donald Trump's election, people still pack California Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de León's Los Angeles district office. [Read More]
A college professor is receiving death threats after she was caught on tape in her classroom, ranting about President-elect Trump. [Read More]
Natalia Pérez woke up on November 9 and logged onto her computer and clicked on a link for "Application for Certificate of Citizenship" [Read More]
As Sgt. Andy Capps approached Interstate 10, he spotted a man in a silver van flagging him down, frantically waving his hands outside the driver's side window. [Read More]
News, Weather, and Sports... [Read More]
Muslim women say a year ago their sense of safety began to change after the picture of San Bernardino killer Tashfeen Malik went public. [Read More]
It's been a long, trying week for millions of Americans forced to come to grips with an election outcome they never saw coming. [Read More]
It's a Donald Trump we don't often see. Not campaigning, but instead contemplative. Like when he talks about how he won't accept losing. [Read More]
Harriett Freedman doesn't just sense the once reliably Republican state of Arizona is now a battleground. The 67-year-old grandmother and lifelong Democrat sees it in its ground game. "I've been volunteering a... [Read More]
An examination of interviews shows Donald Trump Jr. has mocked Arabic names, children in beauty pageants, and obese people. [Read More]
Police and firefighters in Central Illinois came together to brighten a bullied boy's birthday. [Read More]
Braden Garnett's world is often a lonely one. Diagnosed early in life with Asperger's, dyslexia and a condition that causes the misalignment of his eyes, Braden is often the target of school and... [Read More]
When a mom reached out to the Pekin Police Department for help making her son's birthday special, officers were eager to show their support. [Read More]
Some U.S. military veterans who were not American citizens have been deported to Mexico. [Read More]
Chicago city alderman Howard B. Brookins Jr. questions why it took so long for police to release the dashcam video of the shooting of Laquan McDonald by police. [Read More]
Cleveland police use guns, Tasers, pepper spray and fists unnecessarily, while using excessive force on the mentally ill, Justice Department says. [Read More]
Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim says has rubbished suggestions the pilot of MH370 may have diverted the plane as a political act in his support. [Read More]
Sen. John McCain is instantly recognizable to everyone in the foyer of the Swift Transportation office in Phoenix. The Republican has been their US senator since 1986, in office longer than... [Read More]
In the year of Donald Trump, established politicians are choosing to flee him, run toward him, or carefully balance the line in-between. Arizona Senator John McCain is walking that high wire as he... [Read More]