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Sources say that Fox News staffers are dreading working for, what one person called, a 'known tyrant.'... [Read More]
The president managed to turn a question about a botched raid into a week-long fracas over his treatment of dead soldiers. He doesn't care. [Read More]
It's not personal. It's strictly business. Ok, it's personal too. [Read More]
This line of attack wasn't just blurted out by the president—it's a coordinated effort at the senior levels of his White House staff. [Read More]
Nearly a year after the election, Rebuilding America Now doesn't hasn't conducted much political activity—but its top executives are still making bank. [Read More]
Republicans know that they are living in a glass house on this stuff. But the attacks against Democrats are too good to ignore. [Read More]
The Secretary of State has few allies inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But he and Trump soldier on in a loveless marriage. [Read More]
The Alabama Senate candidate is the subject of a new ethics complaint, but his spokesman says documents at issue may be fraudulent... [Read More]
The spin is heavy and the blame is being cast in all directions over expensive private flights. [Read More]
The president supported gun control in the past and he is supposedly in a bipartisan phase. But the gun lobby boosted his campaign and that,... [Read More]
The Alabama Republican Senate candidate said he received as much as $150,000 in speaking fees last year. But he didn't list it on a key... [Read More]
The president is frustrated by the perception that he's been inattentive to the island. But he's more than partially responsible for that belief. [Read More]
Robert San Luis is a little-known trailer-park developer with ties to the Mercer family. He's also financing a formidable super PAC for the likely primary... [Read More]
The race is technically between Luther Strange and Roy Moore. But the real contest is over what Trump's future will be. [Read More]
It is a time-honored practice, one that the current White House occupant is doing well. [Read More]
Turnberry Solutions is based in D.C., not Scotland. But it seems meant to broadcast its ties to the president as it seeks help from the... [Read More]
The Gulf nation of Qatar is trying to win Trump's support in a major diplomatic dispute, but lobbyists with the president's ear don't come cheap. [Read More]
The controversial former White House aide has a new gig with an anti-"globalist" coalition—that just happens to be launched by right-wing conspiracy theorists. [Read More]