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Someone paid for positive story about Felix Sater—but the author is keeping the mysterious benefactor's identity secret. [Read More]
Trump's former chief strategist has largely avoided the spotlight of the Russia probe—until now. [Read More]
He still has his—struggling—'war council' and is developing plans to launch a new 'dark money' group. [Read More]
The Trump ally and notorious dirty trickster has a new, interesting, and somewhat dark influence-peddling assignment. [Read More]
Veronica Birkenstock has outfitted Trump resorts with temporary laborers. Now she is cozying up to his allies and trying to make a run for the... [Read More]
Private emails show aides caught utterly off guard by the controversy they sparked. One reason why: No one seemed to have gotten direction from a... [Read More]
Just six percent of Democratic Doug Jones' late high-dollar donations have come from Alabama. But Republican Roy Moore is taking his fair share of carpetbagger... [Read More]
'This is not something he's struggling with,' one senior White House official told The Daily Beast of Trump. [Read More]
Has he 'turned on me,' the president wondered about his former national security adviser. It appears Trump was right. [Read More]
Highway 31 has spent millions to defeat the GOP candidate. And it won't reveal who finances it till after the election. The kicker: it's all... [Read More]
Wednesday's digital outburst was so unhinged, even the conspiracy-mongers at InfoWars were left shaking their heads. [Read More]
It's not just Jared and Ivanka—at least 20 other families have multiple members serving in federal posts. [Read More]
The Breitbart chairman along with Kellyanne Conway and others urged Trump to keep his mouth shut about the embattled GOP nominee. Trump was happy to... [Read More]
They were persona non grata during the Obama years. Now, liberal critics of free trade deals feel like they have made some political inroads. [Read More]
"These are very serious allegations...But he is strongly denying them" [Read More]
Darrell C. Scott has been taking more and more meetings lately, including with Corey Lewandowski and Donald Trump Jr., on his dream of going to... [Read More]
The Dallas Mavericks owner has openly flirted with a presidential campaign. The private talks are getting more serious, too. [Read More]
A day after explosive allegations, the national Republican Party is creating distance. Locals, however, are running to the candidate's defense. [Read More]
It's been 12 months since an improbable election and the president's cheerleaders, former advisers, and friends have things they would have done differently. [Read More]
Michael Caputo will do what it takes to make sure his Wikipedia page doesn't call him a stooge for Putin. [Read More]