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THERESA May is to meet bosses from some of Wall Street's biggest firms after banks threatened to move jobs out of the UK amid a so-called hard Brexit. [Read More]
THE pound has dipped against the dollar and the euro after a bumper day of gains sparked by Theresa May's Brexit speech, as traders await Donald Trump's inauguration. [Read More]
ESTABLISHMENT experts and politicians have a "semi-religious" belief in the European Union (EU) that will lead them to repeat judgement errors over the economy and trade amid Brexit negotiations, Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin... [Read More]
WAGES were rising in the months after the Brexit vote while unemployment fell, as Britain's strong economy continued to prove doom-monger Remain warnings wrong, official data revealed today. [Read More]
MOBILE phone giant EE has been fined £2.7million for overcharging 400,000 customers through basic billing errors. [Read More]
THE South East saw the biggest house price falls in the country, as Southern Rail strikes and train chaos hits the market. [Read More]
BAKERY chain Greggs is hoping to appeal to a new market as it offers vanilla latte, green tea and peppermint tea, following a bumper fourth-quarter trading update. [Read More]
THE pound has strengthened against the dollar and the euro but the FTSE 100 faltered, amid a pivotal Brexit speech by Theresa May. [Read More]
THE cost of living in Britain has jumped to its highest level in two and a half years, thanks to the rising price of food and air fares. [Read More]
THE price of gold has jumped by more than one per cent as nervous traders pile into the investment safe haven ahead of a speech by the Prime Minister. [Read More]
LONDON bankers and city bosses have finally accepted Britain is likely to leave the single market and are preparing for a 'hard Brexit' when the UK splits from the European Union (EU). [Read More]
BRITAIN'S economy has been boosted by the weaker pound since the referendum, and recent falls should not create panic, according to experts - echoing sentiment from president-elect Donald Trump. [Read More]
UK growth forecasts have been INCREASED by the International Monetary Fund after admitting they underestimated post-Brexit performance. [Read More]
THE pound has crashed against the dollar ahead of a speech by Theresa May, as investors expect the Prime Minister to announce Britain will leave the single market as part of Brexit. [Read More]
THE FTSE 100 extended its record-breaking running streak on Friday, as the pound once again struggled against the dollar. [Read More]
THE weak pound helped a massive surge in tourist spending over Christmas on the British high street, figures show. [Read More]
SAVERS have been offered a New Year boost after a spate of providers hoping to take on the big name banks lifted rates across a range of accounts. [Read More]
GERMAN finance minister Wolfgang Scháuble has hit out at the European Central Bank (ECB), reigniting a long-running squabble over eurozone economic policies. [Read More]
THE cheapest supermarket for British families hoping to cuts costs has been named by a consumer group. [Read More]
BRITAIN'S top stock index extended its record winning streak after closing up for the 13th consecutive trading session on Thursday. [Read More]