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Re: "How quickly the right forgets" (Letters, Aug. 2). [Read More]
I have never witnessed people displaying such unbridled hatred toward one individual — our 45th president. That raw hostility is also driven toward his administration... [Read More]
Trump better than liberal alternative... [Read More]
What's happened to the U.S. indeed. We're being torn apart at the seams. [Read More]
With the still traumatized Democrats and languishing liberals, it definitely hasn't been a "summer of love." Their hatred, hypocrisy and intolerance have reached volatile levels. [Read More]
Let's have a moment of silence for the demise of our life long friend, freedom of speech. We grew up with it and greatly appreciated... [Read More]
Plans for a mass "mooning" at Trump Tower. How mature. [Read More]
Liberals, who comprise the vast majority of today's millennials, are still seething and in denial of what actually happened when their political bubble burst. [Read More]
On election night, Americans spoke. They declared, in no uncertain terms, that they're tired of this liberalized insanity and the suicidal direction it's taken us... [Read More]
I enjoyed reading "Paul Harvey's warning to America: If I were the devil" (Religion, Oct. 1). His perception was uncanny, revealing today's liberalized, distorted society... [Read More]
Yes, Hillary Clinton showed her true colors, being intolerant and illiberal herself. (Hmm! Ill-liberal? Interesting.) [Read More]