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Working last month in our Houston office on a speech about the importance of criminal justice research, we saw a BREAKING NEWS alert flash across... [Read More]
A renovated house in Little Rock's Heights neighborhood was scheduled to be part of the "What You Get" feature in the real estate section of... [Read More]
Question from Nora in Ms. Fitzpatrick's class. [Read More]
A: Insects are everywhere! All insects have six legs, three body parts and two antennae. Some, but not all, have wings. Beetles and butterflies are... [Read More]
A: Astronomers do not agree on the moon's origin — not surprising since the moon was formed so long ago. Scientists believe the moon has... [Read More]
A: It seems whenever you are in the pool, shower or bath too long, your fingers and toes get wrinkly. [Read More]
A: You might have grown up learning Pluto was a planet. This is not the case anymore. [Read More]
A: Gravity is important in our lives. We take it for granted, but it makes life on Earth possible. Gravity is an invisible force that... [Read More]
In Texas, we pride ourselves on a spirit of entrepreneurship. We value our freedom to pursue the American dream relatively unhindered by burdensome government regulation... [Read More]