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Amazon may call itself the "everything store," but a growing chunk of that "everything" is now made by Amazon. A new report gives some idea... [Read More]
Consumerist... [Read More]
Almost two decades ago, Netflix offered an appealing option to fine-weary movie lovers: Unlimited DVD rentals that customers could keep for as long as they... [Read More]
Readers who wear glasses or contact lenses may be surprised to learn that their doctor is supposed to give them a copy of their prescription... [Read More]
The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers and medical professionals not to use liquid supplements and medications made by Pharmatech, including some products marketed... [Read More]
Many people like bacon and cheese on their burgers, but for whatever reason — allergy, religion, taste — plenty more don't. And so the company... [Read More]
Joe's Crab Shack and its sibling restaurant chain, Brick House Tavern, will soon have a new owner pending approval by the bankruptcy court. Yet it's... [Read More]
You're ready for the eclipse on Aug. 21, with your non-counterfeit viewing glasses and travel plans set. Yet here's something that you may not have... [Read More]
JCPenney has tried so many turnarounds during this decade, it's difficult to remember which direction the classic American department store brand is even supposed to... [Read More]
While Walmart tests stores where shoppers walk around scanning their own purchases with smartphones, and Amazon tests a store where customers just pick up their... [Read More]
Hundreds of people in Ohio have been sick this week — and they can blame doughnuts: Officials have linked at least 230 reports of norovirus... [Read More]
Maybe it's suddenly time for subscription services and big-box discount stores to be pals. After yesterday's report that Walmart may be in talks with beauty... [Read More]
Remember the Chipotle restaurant in Dallas where customers captured video of mice falling from the ceiling and scurrying across the floor? That was a few... [Read More]
It's nearly the end of summer (where did the time go?) but if your baby or toddler hasn't outgrown these super-cute swimsuits from Meijer yet,... [Read More]
Congratulations to Payless ShoeSource, the nation's #1 source of light-up sneakers with Disney characters on them. The chain has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy during the... [Read More]
Birchbox is a site that sells high-end makeup, and $10 sample box subscriptions that entice customers to try new types of high-end makeup. Walmart is... [Read More]
If you'd rather not face another long checkout line at Walmart, the mega-retailer may soon have a solution for you: It has resumed tests of... [Read More]
Last year, you may have heard of an impressive medical accomplishment, where the gametes of three people were combined to make one healthy baby. The... [Read More]
There are a lot of justifiable reasons to take issue with home-rental platforms like airbnb: "Mega hosts" who are renting out dozens — maybe hundreds... [Read More]
Two men in Pennsylvania were able to slip into the stock area of a Walmart store at lunchtime last Tuesday, walking out with five large... [Read More]