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Amazon wants a bigger retail presence in physical stores and for its customers to have an easier time returning things, and Kohl's wants to shrink... [Read More]
For six months now, union workers for Charter in New York and New Jersey have been on strike. Now the cable company has filed a... [Read More]
Online retail is very attractive to apartment-dwelling urbanites who may not have a car and whose nearby stores probably charge higher prices than the malls... [Read More]
For a few years now, McDonald's franchisees have been vocal about their dislike of the McCafé line of espresso beverages. The company has responded by... [Read More]
When you own more than 25% of Sears, it gets you a seat on the retailers' board of directors and gives you the opportunity to... [Read More]
In spite of what this sign at an Indiana retailer said, there is no $10 surcharge for using mobile payment apps like Apple Pay or... [Read More]
Ride-hailing apps ask us to get in strangers' cars, something that our parents specifically warned us against. Now a new generation of gig economy apps... [Read More]
Drop the cracker! Put down that little spreader knife! Before you keep snacking, make sure that your tub of spreadable cheese isn't the port wine... [Read More]
Here's some bad news for T-Mobile customers who like to travel around North America while streaming Netflix. As of next month, the carrier is ending... [Read More]
For the second time in two years, global hotel operator Hyatt has been hit by a far-reaching breach of its payment card system. The latest... [Read More]
While people may disagree about the best ingredients for their favorite barbecue dishes, everyone can agree that pieces of plastic do not belong in pulled... [Read More]
Here are twelve of the best photos that readers added to the Consumerist Flickr Pool in the last three weeks, picked for usability in a... [Read More]
The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration announced today that Diono has recalled 519,052 child restraint and booster seats sold since 2014 because these seats may... [Read More]
MoviePass, the startup that lets subscribers go to a movie a day, recently dropped its monthly rate to $10, resulting in a flood of sign-ups... [Read More]
While there are plenty of places to buy movies and TV shows online, one minor problem is that you're forever stuck having to watch that... [Read More]
Consumerist... [Read More]
Peanut and tree nut allergies are sneaky and can be life-threatening, which is why foods that might have even traces of them are supposed to... [Read More]
Though many of the big box stores now open for Black Friday at some point on Thanksgiving, some retailers and mall owners have fought back... [Read More]
Chuck E. Cheese's slogan might be "Where a kid can be a kid," but it might also be called "Where that kid's parents will probably... [Read More]
Cook County, IL, which includes the city of Chicago, recently became the largest local government in the country to successfully impose a tax on sweetened... [Read More]