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A 28-year-old man who allegedly hacked into thousands of computers to watch and listen to users has been indicted in Ohio. Federal prosecutors say Phillip... [Read More]
Major security vulnerabilities exist in the chips of most of the world's computers. The flaws were recently discovered by cybersecurity researchers and could make data... [Read More]
A lot of women have come forward in the past few months with stories of being sexually harassed, and often the perpetrators have lost their... [Read More]
A lot of women have come forward in the last few months with stories of being sexually harassed, and often the perpetrators have lost their... [Read More]
This week, another big name in tech was toppled by accusations of sexual harassment — venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson, an investor in Tesla and SpaceX... [Read More]
Seven Twitter users have sued President Trump claiming he has violated their First Amendment rights. Now, some constitutional scholars have joined the suit, which challenges... [Read More]
Some First Amendment advocates joined a suit against the president for blocking people from his Twitter account — and they are making a novel argument... [Read More]
Facebook, Google and Twitter officials are set to testify at three hearings Tuesday and Wednesday as part of congressional probes of Russian influence on the... [Read More]
Experts say such propaganda sows divisions within society by confirming beliefs. Facebook, Google and Twitter officials are testifying this week about Russian influence on the... [Read More]
With more than 100 million subscribers around the world, Netflix is the premier video streaming service, But, as competition from Amazon, Hulu and others heats... [Read More]
Melissa Etheridge once described the record as "the best produced huge album that never was." On it, Armatrading masters a pop sensibility while retaining the... [Read More]
The platforms promoted the name of a man falsely accused of being the shooter by surfacing less-credible sites. The companies say they're working on fixes,... [Read More]
Facebook is under increasing pressure to scrutinize its advertising content after it discovered that ads on the site had been placed by a Russian agency... [Read More]
Facebook is facing pressure after news that Russia was behind a vast number of ads that tried to take votes away from Hillary Clinton in... [Read More]
Critics are concerned that the facial recognition system in the new iPhone X could be used — and misused — for other purposes. [Read More]
Advocates are concerned facial scan data could be stolen, or that a successful rollout could make consumers more comfortable with less innocuous, less accurate uses... [Read More]
Apple staged a big event Tuesday to unveil new products. The iPhone 10 debuts on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and costs $1,000. [Read More]
Cellphone service outages can leave people unable to reach out for help or get in touch with family and friends to say they are alive,... [Read More]
After big tech companies took action to take down white supremacist content, there have been calls for the government to step in to protect free... [Read More]
A University of Arkansas professor falsely identified as a participant in a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville says the online reaction was frightening and felt... [Read More]