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Fresh from a thorough pummeling by Hurricane Irma, yet another violent storm is poised to wreak havoc on the Caribbean. This one's name is Maria,... [Read More]
BeyoncÃ... [Read More]
Fox News commentator and early Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes filed a lawsuit against the network on Monday, alleging that she was raped by anchor... [Read More]
Ryan Phillippe's ex girlfriend, Elsie Hewitt, has filed a lawsuit against the actor accusing him of beating her. According to TMZ:... [Read More]
A location scout for the Netflix series Narcos was found dead in Mexico on Sunday, according to El País. [Read More]
Four Boston College students were attacked with acid at a train station in Marseilles, France on Sunday, leaving at least two of them injured. [Read More]
Deaf residents of Manatee County, Florida, got a very different interpretation of an evacuation briefing as Hurricane Irma barreled down on the area, with useful... [Read More]
The mayor of a small upstate New York town has resigned after he was arrested for possessing child pornography, authorities said. [Read More]
Police are no longer permitted to enter patient care areas or have direct contact with nurses at University of Utah hospital after an incident last... [Read More]
Ever the nimble marketing mind, Taylor Swift has added some titles and lyrics from her new album, Reputation, to her already long list of trademarked... [Read More]
No need to bury the lede here. Mississippi teen Eagan Tilghman put his 3-year-old brother to excellent use by dressing him as a miniature Pennywise... [Read More]
Having failed to pass a new form of health care, the Trump administration is taking steps to make good on its word to let... [Read More]
Last April, it was announced that Harriet Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, a decision that at the time seemed perfectly viable.... [Read More]
For most of us, the usual post-breakup routine goes something like this: Hit the nearest dive bar in your least appropriate bodysuit, throw back two... [Read More]
Once again, our less shitty neighbor to the north has done something worthy of applause: Canada will now allow its citizens to identify with a... [Read More]
Wow, Sean Spicer's still hanging around the White House? I thought protocol was to give every departing staffer a sandwich and exactly 12 hours to... [Read More]
Ever since I read the plot for the upcoming rom-com Destination Wedding 15 minutes ago, I haven't been able to stop picturing the scenarios in... [Read More]
Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have not yet given birth to their kid, but that hasn't stopped them from plotting out the fetus's eventual career... [Read More]
It—a Stephen King masterpiece that is all three a miniseries, extremely large book and recently-released film—isn't just terrifying for those forced to encounter Pennywise crawling... [Read More]
In 2005, British director Neil Marshall created a movie called The Descent, in which a group of friends become trapped in a cave with what... [Read More]