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The Labour Party leader is 68 and riding a wave of support from young voters. "He's like the Bernie Sanders of the U.K., but with... [Read More]
After a disastrous June election in which her party lost parliamentary seats, many wonder how long the prime minister will stay in office. The opposition... [Read More]
Some Crawley residents who want to see Britain out of the European Union doubt if politicians will ever make Brexit a reality. Others worry the... [Read More]
A series of acid attacks in London has highlighted a growing problem in Britain with this form of horrific violence. Two teenage boys were arrested... [Read More]
London's famed Borough Market was the site of a terror attack last month. Upscale restaurants say tourist bookings are down, but locals are packing the... [Read More]
Voting in favor of the Brexit referendum has proved to be a dating deal-breaker for many who wanted Britain to stay in the European Union.... [Read More]
Spain suffered Europe's worst Islamist bombing in 2004, but has avoided a major attack since — an accomplishment some analysts say is thanks to security... [Read More]
Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit... [Read More]
Host A Martinez talks with economist John Appleby about examples of different health care systems in Europe, and we look at the system in Spain... [Read More]
Tourists flood the area of Madrid's "Museum Mile" — a stretch of the huge, eight-lane Paseo del Prado thoroughfare that's home to Spain's most renowned... [Read More]
Only a handful of tourists come to PyeongChang, usually to hike green hills dotted with Buddhist temples or visit a small nearby ski station. All... [Read More]
Once shaded in canopies of leaves, the N-236-1 is a rural road that cuts through central Portugal, hugging hillsides pungent with eucalyptus and pine. ... [Read More]
More than 60 people have died, many in their cars, as forest fires sweep across Portugal in a severe heat wave. As environmentalists have warned,... [Read More]
In 2015, Japan signed an agreement giving $8.3 million to the few surviving comfort women. But South Korea's new President Moon Jae-in now says it's... [Read More]
Lim Hyuk-ju lives in a tiny apartment in a bustling student neighborhood of South Korea's capital, Seoul. The apartment is just 30 sq. ft.... [Read More]
Watching footage of April's military parades in North Korea — with soldiers marching in formation to patriotic tunes — Lee So-yeon recalls all the steps.... [Read More]
North Korean state media said Monday that the missile Pyongyang test-fired a day earlier is a new weapon, able to carry a heavy nuclear warhead... [Read More]
After victory celebrations in central Seoul, South Korea's new president gets down to work. He promises new jobs, talks with Pyongyang, and a rethink of... [Read More]
Moon Jae-in, a lawyer, former student protester and son of North Korean refugees, vows to hold talks with North Korea and improve the South Korean... [Read More]
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