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In Catalonia's industrial heartland, people who voted for independence from Spain say they're already living in a new country. The mayor took down the Spanish... [Read More]
The Spanish government took control of the Catalan region a week ago. Separatist politicians were jailed on Thursday. On Friday, a judge issued an arrest... [Read More]
The former head of the Catalan government is reported to have fled Spain together with some of his ministers, ahead of charges of rebellion, sedition... [Read More]
The Catalan parliament met in Barcelona after another day of political chaos in the fight between the Spanish government and secessionists pursuing independence for Catalonia. [Read More]
The Spanish government moved to activate a previously untapped constitutional article Saturday so it can take control of Catalonia ... [Read More]
Spain's prime minister says he's firing the Catalan regional government and forcing elections in six months. Separatists flood Barcelona's streets in protest. [Read More]
The Spanish cabinet meets today to start the process of imposing direct control over Catalonia. The move comes after Catalonia voted for independence earlier this... [Read More]
Spain said Thursday it would move ahead with unprecedented plans to strip Catalonia of local powers after a deadline passed for the region's separatist leader... [Read More]
Spain moved Thursday to stave off any further independence moves by Catalonia, announcing it would trigger a constitutional provision allowing it to impose central rule... [Read More]
Spain was preparing to impose direct rule over semi-autonomous Catalonia after the region's leader Carles Puigdemont declined to categorically renounce an independence referendum. [Read More]
Has Catalonia declared independence? Will it secede following its Oct. 1 independence vote? No one is sure. Meanwhile, there's concern Catalan separatists might encourage similar... [Read More]
Spain is marking the country's national day. It is usually seen as a celebration of national unity — but today's event is being overshadowed by... [Read More]
Spain is celebrating National Day, which commemorates Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas. The celebration comes amid turmoil caused by a referendum on independence for... [Read More]
Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Wednesday issued a blistering denunciation of Catalonia's regional independence referendum Oct. 1 and raised the threat of Madrid imposing... [Read More]
After a confusing speech by the Catalan separatist leader, the Spanish government wants to know if he did or didn't declare independence — because if... [Read More]
Did he or did he not declare independence? That's the question Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy posed Wednesday to the regional president of Catalonia,... [Read More]
He called for a temporary delay of secession process. [Read More]
Catalonia's regional leader prepared to address parliament Tuesday in a highly anticipated session that could spell the birth of a new republic, marking a critical... [Read More]
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Spanish flags suddenly adorn Madrid balconies. Many Spaniards are rallying behind their government, as it cracks down on an independence push by Catalonia. Some accuse... [Read More]