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Sleep, Congress, sleep. Continue to take your rest. [Read More]
It's a sad, sad day in America when the youth of our nation have to march to Washington and beg our leaders to do something... [Read More]
Authorities said a woman was killed in a four-car wreck today at the intersection of Florence Boulevard and Cox Creek Parkway. [Read More]
Email items to at least 10 working days in advance. All venues must include a complete address. Activities in which a fee is charged... [Read More]
The Democrats are constantly harping about President Trump's lack of "civility" and "character." For the past three decades the Republicans are the only politicians required... [Read More]
We are a second generation Small Business family, and for that reason we have always tried to "shop at home." [Read More]
According to the American Bar Association, hate speech is speech that "offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation,... [Read More]
A familiar meme among conservative evangelicals goes something like this:... [Read More]
A dog is said to be man's best friend. A dog is very intelligent. A dog serves the blind and handicapped citizens. They provide therapy... [Read More]
Let's look at the current presidential administration without political bias, just substantiated facts. [Read More]
So now in addition to looking at roadside trash, rotting animal carcasses, and a never-ending stream of wired roadside signs, we have the city and... [Read More]
I finally understand! [Read More]
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Thanks to the Florence City Council and the three percent increase in electrical rates, in a few years it will make the Florence Electric Department... [Read More]
I often read Kathleen Parker's column, thinking her observations insightful. On Aug. 17, I read her column with disappointment. [Read More]
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