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Oneida's hometown senator said Albany has an uphill battle tackling this year's budget. [Read More]
The new year welcomed both old and new civil servants to the City of Oneida. [Read More]
Oneida's proposed Downtown Commercial Historic District just got one step closer to reality. [Read More]
With his family sitting behind him, many sobbing quietly, Isaac Cantu pleaded guilty to the Sept. 18, 2016 death of Francis Borasky. [Read More]
On the night Francis Borasky was stabbed, he was also "viciously" stomped on by Jordan Warner, said the grandmother of defendant Isaac Cantu. [Read More]
When and how Jordan Warner learned about Francis Borasky's stab wounds was hotly contested on the fifth day of Cantu's murder trial Tuesday. [Read More]
Jordan Warner said he lied to police about events leading up to the death of Francis Borasky because he wanted to protect his cousin Isaac... [Read More]
The nature of a fist fight turned deadly was a contentious issue on the third day of testimony in the murder trial of Isaac Cantu. [Read More]
Francis Borasky called 911 to say he'd been jumped shortly before he died on the evening of Sept. 18, 2016. [Read More]
Gathered on the front lawn of the Oneida Public Library on Saturday was an unusual sight - three horses and a donkey quietly eating grass... [Read More]
The community is once again rallying to help those in need prepare for winter weather. [Read More]
The Karing Kitchen is more than just your typical soup kitchen, says coordinator Melissa King. [Read More]
It was a superhero welcome for students at North Broad Street Elementary on Thursday, as they stepped off the bus for the first day of... [Read More]
In a move that took the prosecution and defense by surprise, Michael Stevens rejected a plea deal and will go to trial on attempted murder... [Read More]
Seeing Monday's historic eclipse was so important Waterville resident Stanley Cesaire that he brought his family to Oneida to see it. [Read More]
Demolition of buyout properties in the Flats will begin later than originally planned. [Read More]
Future engineers got a fun head start on Friday as they competed in a Lego Robotics competition at the Oneida Public Library. [Read More]
Miranda warnings were at the heart of witness testimony on Thursday during hearings in Michael Stevens' attempted murder case. [Read More]
Councilors continued to address nuisance properties in the city, with plans to bid the work out to contractors to address issues. [Read More]
A positive mindset. Perseverance. Hope. And above all, cherishing those you love. [Read More]