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Unless you were hiking the Appalachian Trail this weekend, you probably know that Michelle Wolf delivered the standard "roast" at the White House Correspondents' Dinner... [Read More]
Later this year, Stockton, a city in California with a 25% poverty rate, will conduct an unusual experiment: Roughly 100 of its citizens will receive... [Read More]
A lot of eggs are being recalled! More than 200 million eggs, in fact, due to a salmonella outbreak that has been traced to a... [Read More]
What happens if your picky-eating child doesn't grow out of it? What if you're begging a 15-year-old to just taste a green vegetable? After all,... [Read More]
When you have babies and small kids, people give you so much advice—breast-feed, bottle-feed, co-sleep, use an infant straightjacket, get an electric swing that achieves... [Read More]
It's college-acceptance-letter season, so if you have a kid in high school, you know that students across the country are anxiously waiting to find out... [Read More]
Last week a vandal, presumably a right-to-life activist, spray-painted "Baby Killer" across the front of a women's health clinic. The catch? In a plot... [Read More]
When I was a child in small-town West Virginia, there weren't many options for entertainment after school or on weekends: I could walk to a... [Read More]
The school shooting in Parkland, Florida has sparked a wave of student activism across the country: Teenagers are marching, organizing, and taking to social... [Read More]
High school and college students are suffering from unprecedented levels of anxiety, and anyone raising teenagers these days knows they're coping with huge amounts of... [Read More]
Yesterday, survivors of the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School met their senator, Marco Rubio, at a CNN town hall meeting. It didn't go... [Read More]
The workday, for me, has a predictable arc: Those first glorious hours of possibility and productivity; lunch; dead-eyed stare/coma; revival in which a hour or... [Read More]
On Wednesday, a gunman murdered 17 people in Parkland, Florida, which brings the country's 2018 gun-death tally to 1,859. Feeling helpless and enraged? You're not... [Read More]
The first important decision a married couple makes is ... how to get married. Black tie at the Ritz? Clambake at the shore? Backyard potluck?... [Read More]
We all have fantasies of hitting the lottery, right? The new cars, the boat, the...lawsuits, predators, and bankruptcies? The winning ticket isn't necessarily the... [Read More]
Bought anything from LL Bean in the last year? Not totally happy with it? Return it now. The century-old catalog retailer for outdoorsy types has... [Read More]
If you think your kids aren't getting any kind of sex education, you're wrong: They're getting plenty of it—from pornography. Doesn't that sound horrifying? [Read More]
Everyone who has a child in a competitive hobby knows the types: the boy who disputes every call the referee makes, the parent who hurls... [Read More]
For some of us, grade-school grammar lessons haven't stuck. I managed fairly well with my trusty Elements of Style until pretty recently, but the ongoing... [Read More]
Getting kids out the door in the morning can go one of two ways: They wake up early and then dawdle, forcing a last-minute scramble,... [Read More]