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Nearly two weeks ago on a Tuesday afternoon, I received a text. It was from a friend whose life had long inspired all who knew... [Read More]
In the 27 years since they married, Joe Edd and Sandi Morris have learned they work well together - no matter the size of the... [Read More]
"A poor life this, if, full of care,... [Read More]
There was a time when children who were taunted on the playground or in neighborhood backyards would offer up a response: "Sticks and stones may... [Read More]
When I was 7 – way too young to be up late watching scary things on TV – I discovered "Fantastic Features" on WHBQ-TV out... [Read More]
John 1:14 (MSG) [Read More]
When we were little kids, my brother, my cousin and I would often visit my paternal grandparents in Chesterville, where we'd get to play under... [Read More]
Last Wednesday afternoon, Verona United Methodist Church was the scene of one glorious party. [Read More]
Teachers in Mississippi make less money than teachers in most states in the country. That's a fact straight from the National Education Association. [Read More]
In Bible study, the word Sabbath makes its first appearance in Genesis 2:2-3. "By the seventh day, God had finished the whole job and rested.... [Read More]
It's early September, and kindergarteners through high school seniors have been back in school long enough to be focused on the task at hand –... [Read More]
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." – Mahatma Gandhi... [Read More]
When Alissa Barton was recently asked why she continues to rescue hundreds of uncared-for stray dogs, she was holding Britney in her arms. [Read More]
At first glance, it appeared the still-breathing animal was an 8-week-old puppy. [Read More]
PONTOTOC –Folks having occasion to eavesdrop on conversations between Alissa Barton and Melinda Clark Ruth might assume they're teachers with remarkable memories chatting about a... [Read More]
When sweet Claire's story was first shared on Facebook, the response was fast and furious. Thousands of animal lovers were appalled to see what human... [Read More]
A doberman pinscher aptly named Dobey was found trapped inside a fence in a Pontotoc County graveyard. [Read More]
Now that school is back in full swing, let's discuss a topic that is relevant to many students: acne. [Read More]
Last Saturday, shortly after the death of Arizona Sen. John McCain, American flags around the country were lowered to half-staff. [Read More]
Mississippi has, through the years, made national headlines for continuing to be at or near the top of negative lists – obesity, teenage pregnancy and... [Read More]