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There's just so much to do. Three kids, a sick cat, a smelly crayfish, wilting plants on the front porch, piles of laundry in the... [Read More]
I played a couple of sports back in the day. I was decent in track, even though I ran to our local ice cream shop... [Read More]
The kids start school this week. Finally. They are just as excited as their mama. New routine, new friends, new shoes, new beginnings. [Read More]
My girls and I went back-to-school shopping last week. We found all the usual goodies: notebooks, pens, dry erase markers, crayons, the works. And in... [Read More]
My older daughter, Ella will be 10 next week. That's right, age 10. We went shopping over the weekend to find something to wear for... [Read More]
Dear working mom, I see you, your eyes exhausted when the baby wakes at 2 a.m., again. It's going to be a three cups of... [Read More]
I spent a weekend with 40 women — most of whom I've never met — and yet, I felt like we've been friends for years,... [Read More]
My daughter made lunch today. Real lunch. Not the fake stuff from the fake kitchen. Not cheese and crackers with a glass of milk. Genuine,... [Read More]
I quit the gym today. Normally, this would be frowned upon by the general population. "Oh, shoot, Leslie. You quit the gym? But it's so... [Read More]
My little guy slammed his face into our fireplace last week. It wasn't pretty. I was in the shower. My husband was watching him play.... [Read More]
I work from home. The baby goes to daycare and my two older girls are in school. Until summer hits. Last week brought the first... [Read More]
We paid off our cars last year. It was nine months ago. It was a big day. I am pretty sure we've had car payments... [Read More]
My friend asked me, "You don't ever have anything bad to say about your husband, do you?" [Read More]
My baby started walking this week. I should say he "finally" started walking this week. I know Google and my mom and most people everywhere... [Read More]
Hey, working mom. I saw you today. I know your heart hurt when your baby leaped into her arms. You're thankful for it, of course.... [Read More]
My older daughter asked me last night, "Can you play a game with me, Mom?" I was sitting at my computer. I was working, yet... [Read More]
Today was one of those days. Ever have one of those days? The kind of day where you want to drown your sorrows in chocolate? [Read More]
I watched you hold his tiny body still while the doctor poked and prodded. "Yep, it's a peanut allergy," the doc confirmed. [Read More]
I saw it again, one of those perfectly posed photos on social media, complete with coffee, some kind of pastry that looked like it came... [Read More]
I didn't yell often, but I remember this moment. It was during my high school days when mom and dad, once again, set an early... [Read More]