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Cheick Cisse always hoped to reach those outside his immigrant community, so he opened this spot in Brooklyn, on the border of Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant. [Read More]
At Rincón Melania, an airy, modern restaurant run by a family with roots in the Cañari tribe, every meal begins with tostado, a snack of... [Read More]
Appropriation goes both ways, and increasingly it's being seen as a creative freedom for writers who have been excluded from the literary canon. [Read More]
They're high in protein, low in cost, eco-friendly and tasty. And only in the West have we resisted them. [Read More]
The chef Brenda Beener substitutes burdock for chicken and konjac for shrimp at her Harlem restaurant, which debunks the notion of veganism as sacrifice. [Read More]
From the flower arrangement to the plate, this is the era of the formerly unwanted plant. [Read More]
At this Jackson Heights, Queens, restaurant, the specialties include sel roti, doughnuts of crushed rice and sugar, and jhol momo, dumplings in a chutney. [Read More]
At Lagman House, the chef and his wife, descendants of Chinese Muslims who fled China, specialize in hand-stretched noodles presented in bracing dishes. [Read More]
The chef Masanobu Ishikura is vigilant about seafood at this stand in DeKalb Market Hall in Brooklyn, where almost every hand roll is less than... [Read More]
This Elmhurst, Queens, spot's signature dish, a giant bun filled with chicken curry, is found on a menu largely devoted to Thai and Chinese classics. [Read More]
At his tiny Lower East Side spot, a coffee shop by day and izakaya by night, Yudai Kanayama presents uni and other dishes as a... [Read More]
The menu at this spot in Elmhurst, Queens, doesn't stray far from favorites, but it does have occasional quirks, like a recasting of sisig as... [Read More]
The flavors of Myanmar, a play of light and dark, earth and brine, sourness and heat, are on display at the chef Amy Tun's understated... [Read More]
It's an eternal debate, and our critic Ligaya Mishan delivers her verdict. [Read More]
Among the pho and banh mi at this Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, restaurant is hu tieu, the first dish that the chef Ly Nguyen made for the... [Read More]
As restaurants helmed by queer women thrive in American cities, so too does a new paradigm for less brutal, more collaborative, professional cooking. [Read More]
Bab Marrakech, a Bay Ridge restaurant owned by natives of Morocco, offers delicate couscous and expansive plates of meat. [Read More]
Elaine Castillo's "America Is Not the Heart" exposes the social injustices of life as an immigrant in 1990s California. [Read More]
At Luda's Dumplings in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, the pelmeni are made with thoughtfully chosen ingredients and cooked to order, then glossed with drops of clarified... [Read More]
The tiny storefront lists a single entree on its menu — Taiwanese beef noodle soup — a taste of home for some, and a ticket... [Read More]