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Sexual harassment accusations against Dustin Hoffman that border on sexual assault. [Read More]
This is almost as good as when a 75-year-old woman foraging for scrap metal accidentally cut off most of Armenia's internet. [Read More]
It's way more than Rupert Murdoch's estate. [Read More]
"What is shameful is how long it has taken Congress to catch up." [Read More]
Rep. Blake Farenthold was the House member who tapped into an Office of Compliance fund for the settlement, Politico reported. [Read More]
Before Matt Lauer was fired for alleged sexual harassment, he drew the ire of Hillary Rodham Clinton in her memoir What Happened. [Read More]
Rich Pedroncelli/AP A mass shooting on Tuesday in Rancho Tehama Reserve, California, could have been worse if school administrators had not put the... [Read More]
Is Simone Biles about to lose her job to a robot, too? [Read More]
Twenty more complaints of inappropriate behavior by Kevin Spacey have been disclosed by the Old Vic, the famed London theater where the actor served as... [Read More]
Kevin Janson Neal tried to enter Rancho Tehama School, but was stopped by its locked doors, so he shot at walls and windows, then left.... [Read More]
The shooter, using two handguns and a semiautomatic rifle, opened fire at seven locations around Rancho Tehama Reserve. [Read More]
Chief of Staff Dwayne Duron Marshall was the subject of many staffers' complaints. [Read More]
(Hint: The kind that is an actual, literal monster.) [Read More]
Get ready for Round Two. [Read More]
Pruitt wanted to "promote fresh perspectives." [Read More]
If you like clean air and water, this is a bummer. [Read More]
It's on the record, just like Trump's "locker-room talk." [Read More]
Sometimes artificial intelligence is awfully dumb. [Read More]
Maybe the old Taylor can come to the phone after all. [Read More]
"I am truly sorry for causing so much pain, and I hope you can all forgive me." [Read More]