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Christmas music is coming. From now until December 25, you're going to hear a lot more of the most popular festive tunes. But listening to... [Read More]
Attraction is an unintelligible thing. Sometimes there's no telling what brings you close to one person over another, or what it was that made you... [Read More]
d13/Shutterstock Change affects every aspect of our lives. But many of us probably aren't as well equipped to deal with changes as we... [Read More]
Contagious yawning has been linked to empathy. Psychopaths lack empathy for others as a general rule. A study in 2015 found that scoring highly on... [Read More]
There are about 50 million people in the world living with dementia. It's the umbrella term given to the symptoms caused by various diseases —... [Read More]
When someone you know and care about is struggling with depression, anxiety, or another mental health issue, it can be tricky to know what to... [Read More]
A new study suggests hugging after an argument can help improve relationships. It adds to the body of evidence that cuddles are psychologically good for... [Read More]
Some people are scared of happiness and joy. This doesn't mean they are sad all the time, but they avoid activities and social events they... [Read More]
If someone has one dark personality trait, they are more likely to have another. That's according to a new study, which found that if you... [Read More]
In October, some people have decided to give up alcohol for 31 days. It's called Sober for October, and it could have some positive impacts... [Read More]
Psychopaths have more sexual and aggressive dreams than other people, according to a new study. Previous research has shown how psychopaths live fast and often... [Read More]
A new study has shown people prefer fewer options to more — but only to a certain extent. Overall, people think they like to have... [Read More]
There may be an ideal time of day to drink coffee. Rather than having a cup as soon as you wake up, it might be... [Read More]
Scientific research suggests smiling can boost your mood. It might not even have to be genuine to have an impact on how you feel. I... [Read More]
narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy - rely on manipulating other people as their source of power. They thrive off crea... [Read More]
A new study has shown how eating certain anti-inflammatory foods could be linked to a longer life. These foods include fruits and vegetables, coffee, red... [Read More]
Elon Musk seems exhausted. The Tesla CEO told the New York Times that he's been logging 120-hour work weeks lately, and it's taking a toll... [Read More]
Men's anger is often fuelled by fear, according to a psychologist. Anger is a secondary emotion which means there is typically always something else underneath... [Read More]
Relationships are full of milestones, but one of the biggest ones is moving in together. We asked millennials what they wish they'd known before they... [Read More]
No Isolation Loneliness affects 20-40% of the entire population at some point. Everyone from a four-year-old child to an 80-year-old in a care... [Read More]